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Home safety visits

Advice on what you can do to make your home safe, including advice for people worried about hoarding or cluttered homes and how to plan your escape should a fire occur. The easiest way to protect your home and family from fire is with working smoke alarms. Get them, install them and test them, they could save your life. Visit our smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for further information. NFRS are currently only providing home safety visits to those people who urgently need one. This may mean that some members of the public may not receive a visit until a later date or may be offered a fire safety assessment over the telephone as an alternative.

Advice on how to stay safe at home is available on this website but if you have specific concerns or queries you can to request further advice and support.

In addition to the guidance provided below, you can make a request for a home safety check. You can also refer a friend or relative so if you know or care for someone who is over the age of 60 or who has a physical or mental health need that affects their ability to react or escape in a fire you can encourage them to or refer them with their permission. We prioritise this service for those who are most at risk.

Please remember to check the identity of any visitors to your home. Partner Agency Referral Request a home safety visit. For the month of May we are taking part in a national trial of a new self-assessment home fire safety check tool. It only takes 15 minutes to complete and you will answer questions about your property and lifestyle, and at the end you will get a personalised fire safety action plan to download or print out.

In some cases, it may suggest that we attend your property to install safety measures for you. Start your home fire safety check. To help you do this, watch the following short video courtesy of Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service which will highlight the risks in your home room by room and give you some advice on how to make it safer: Home safety video. If you have children why not make it fun and get them to help you spot the risks so that they develop an understanding Friends maybe more but Thrapston a must fire safety.

Fitting smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is the first crucial step to protecting yourself from fire.

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But what would you do if one went off during the night? Watch the video below courtesy of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and follow the steps to help make you plan ready for an emergency: Make your fire escape plan. You are more at risk from a fire when asleep. If you store large amounts of possessions in and around your home, it means that a fire has a greater risk of spreading, and it may be more difficult to escape quickly.

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You can help keep yourself safe from fire by ensuring you have a fire escape plan see next section. If you feel that you need some help or assistance with the above, there are many organisations that will support you through the process free of charge. For details, go to the Help for Hoarders website where you can also download a helpful tips leaflet provided by the London Fire Brigade.

At 31, her life experiences go far beyond what many of us may have been exposed to and they have shaped her into a remarkable, determined and resilient woman that she is today. Born in Hong Kong in Jess spent the first year of her life in Macau, followed by a year in England and then at four years old moved to Spain. It was in Spain where Jess, at aged 8 had to grow up fast.

Her mother was taken ill and hospitalised, and over the next few years Jess and her brother experienced a very unsettled homelife. Falling pregnant at 15, Jess gave birth to her son, Aquiles. In Jess moved to England, met and married her now husband of 3 years and lives with her 14 year-old son and three step children. She works full time but wanted more; to be more active and to do something more rewarding and Friends maybe more but Thrapston a must that made a positive difference, but she was unsure what that was.

Here, Jess shares the start of her journey with Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, she talks about the challenges she has faced and the support she has received. What did you think when your husband first pointed out the On-Call recruitment banner?

But I knew that I was capable mentally and the physical side would come. My husband was totally convinced, so I contacted the Station Manager and Watch Manager to find out more. The more I heard, the more interested I became and the crew and managers I spoke with at Towcester were so welcoming and encouraging.

I attended drill nights and did my research and decided to apply. In fact at the end of the first day of training I burst into tears and when questioned by our instructor, I said that I felt I was holding everyone up by being much slower. I was told that that was not the case and that my confidence would grow as I progressed.

All the other trainees were men and it felt a bit intimidating, but we were all treated the same, regardless of gender, age, size or background. The instructors pushed us all with a positivity that made me realise that I could do this.

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It was intense with the practical training during the day and theory each evening, but the team I train with are hugely supportive, as are the instructors. During lockdown I exercised at home and started running. I had a personal trainer at the gym to help me push myself and improve my fitness levels.

The weights got heavier and the training got so intense, to the point of being sick, but I could feel myself getting stronger. I have also been doing pole fitness for a few years. This has really improved my core strength and I have made some of my closest friendships at these sessions. I know I need to be in top shape before July, so the training will pick up over the next few months.

I am strong now, but I am fully aware that I need to be stronger. When you first apply, you need to provide your availability and you need to be realistic about what you can offer and stick to it as much as possible. I work from 7am until 3pm Monday to Friday and then I on as available overnight and at weekends.

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My family are incredibly supportive. You literally have to drop everything and be at the station in 8 minutes, which can be quite challenging even though I live quite close to the fire station. The adrenaline kicks in but when you put your kit on it gives you a sense of focus.

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I was angry growing up and trusted very few people, but the training we are getting is really embedding a team spirit and helping me to trust people again. We work as a team with one objective. I feel a sense of pride that I am able to make a difference in our community and I know that as I got through the challenges I faced growing up, I can get through anything. So what are your aspirations for the next few months and years in relation to the fire service?

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Would I apply for a wholetime position? I would have to undergo the full recruitment process again, but it is a possibility. I did wonder if being a woman would be detrimental to my application, but I can see that having a diverse crew brings with it multiple advantages. I can feel my confidence growing as we progress through the training. I am finding my voice and feel able to take control of situations.

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We were pushed hard initially to test our commitment but that just made me even more determined to succeed and do the best job I can for my community, my colleagues and for myself. When it comes to caring for the local community, on-call firefighter Ashley Hunt is an example of someone who has really gone the extra mile.

When the first pandemic lockdown happened, Ashley went even further in his duties as an on-call firefighter, by volunteering to take on the extra roles of ambulance driving and pharmacy deliveries to those shielding. I definitely looked up to them. I wanted to become more knowledgeable about what others were doing and how they were supporting the pandemic. Ashley appreciated the learning opportunities he was given through working so closely with other organisations as an on-call firefighter.

Being able to do something for shielding patients who were so isolated from other people was also something he found rewarding.

We have been busy with the pandemic, but he has allowed me to stay available as much as I possibly can. You are fully trained to attend everything from road traffic collisions to fires and there are few other jobs like it.

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It is a paid role you can take on alongside another job, but it is rewarding in many other ways too, in the work you are able to carry out to keep people in your community safe. Helen, who supports Rothwell Fire Station, ed the Service in ; little knowing her first year would be quite an eventful one for the service, and the country as a whole. But during the pandemic, Helen carried out extra duties as part of her work as an on-call firefighter, making pharmaceutical deliveries to shielding patients and carrying out ambulance driving for East Midlands Ambulance Service.

They were really grateful.

I also started doing the ambulance driving, which was organised through the Fire Service and East Midlands Ambulance Service. We are all helping each other out. It was something I thought would be possible now I had extra time off work throughout lockdown. I am trained now in immediate emergency care through my role at the fire service and thought this would be an opportunity to utilise my time and skills for the good of the community and inter agency collaboration.

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I think taking on these roles made people think about how, as firefighters, we do so much more than just put fires out. Helen is also a busy mum of one but when her son went to junior school she decided she would have more time to NFRS as an on-call firefighter. I have lived in Rothwell for six years and wanting to do something for my local community was one of the factors.

He came back from school and that visit made such a big impact on him. They were only there for one afternoon but he talked about it for a few weeks. Helen now enjoys being a trained on-call firefighter and manages to balance this well with both self-employment and parenthood. I enjoy being part of a team.