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On July 9,Hawaii was hit by a massive electromagnetic pulse EMP attack, which took down the state's communications systems and traffic lights in a matter of minutes -- virtually everything that ran on electricity.

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A video that falsely claims that a Department of Defense DoD communications drill will cause the national power grid to go out for several days in early November is causing panic on social media. The video warns that the Department Emp drill 2017 Defense will be using an electromagnetic pulse to shutdown the power grid November - and that everyone needs to prepare now. While a training exercise is happening during that time period, the outcome has been exaggerated by false reports being shared on social media. The official DoD announcement about the planned exercise states:. During the exercise, the national power grid will not be impacted.

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To date, most discussion concerning the North Korean threat has been on whether the rogue state can accurately hit U. But in an EMP attack, such accuracy is not necessary because the pulse radius would be so large, says Peter Vincent Pry, who recently testified about the EMP threat before a congressional Homeland Security subcommittee.

His conclusions are that such an EMP attack would wreak havoc across the whole of the continental U. Super-EMP weapons are deed to produce a high level of gamma rays, which generate the Emp drill 2017 of high-frequency electromagnetic pulse that is most damaging to the broadest range of electronics, the report concludes. And if the EMP device just happens to be part onboard an orbiting satellite, North Korea need only detonate the device remotely via encoded al.

Pry, Chief of Staff of the now de-funded Congressional EMP Commission, told me that at an altitude of kilometers, the resulting electromagnetic pulse would affect all 48 contiguous states. Air Force nuclear weapons lab. He says North Korea could even rig the warhead to detonate in the event that it was intercepted by our own missile defenses.

In three days, the food supply in local grocery stores would be consumed and the day national food supply in regional warehouses would begin to spoil, says Pry. But Emp drill 2017 the Emp drill 2017 of such an attack, aircraft electronics would be fried, as well as electronics in air traffic control towers, and systemssays Pry.

Pry says electro-mechanical systems which regulate the flow of gas through pipelines would spark; causing the gas to ignite and result in massive firestorms in cities and large forest fires. There would be no water; no communications; and mass transportation would be paralyzed, says Pry. In seven days, he contends that reactors in U. Some extra-high voltage EHV transformers make up the foundation of the U. But as he notes, since they each weigh hundreds of tons, they are extraordinarily hard to transport. The U. But he says the best, safest, and least provocative solution is to EMP-harden the electric grid and other critical infrastructures.

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