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I traveled with my husband and our trip consisted of 10 days 9 nights in Cabarete, Dominican Republic staying at Hotel Magnifico. We wanted a trip where we could relax, see some of the country and do some scuba diving while not tied down to an all inclusive resort.

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June 18th Update: Sorry, but our charter for June 23rd is full. After that, our hope is that flights will return to normal from Canada to the Dominican Republic and we can send animals with travel companions on a regular airline.

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UK, remember your settings and improve government services. We also use cookies set by other sites to help us deliver content from their services.

You can change your cookie settings at any time. Check what you need to do to travel abroad and return to Englandor read travel guidance for ScotlandWales or Northern Ireland. The security situation in Haiti remains highly unpredictable, and following the assassination of President Moise on 7 Julycould worsen further. A state of emergency has been declared on 7 July lasting 15 days.

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Additionally, local authorities have closed Toussaint Louverture International Airport. The border with the Dominican Republic is also closed and flights between Haiti and the Dominican Republic are suspended until further notice. The general security situation is unpredictable, and crime levels are high. Theft, including armed robbery, purse snatching and pickpocketing, is common in Haiti. Criminal activity is especially prevalent in downtown Port-au-Prince, where armed gangs operate, and in Petion-Ville.

There is also a high level of criminal activity near the Haiti—Dominican Republic border. Armed robbery is common.

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Victims are often attacked in broad daylight by armed thieves on motorcycles. Some attacks have resulted in fatalities.

What happens if i decide to stay in the country for more than 30 days?

Single women drivers stuck in traffic jams have been targeted by armed assailants. You should seek advice from local contacts or established organisations and make arrangements for your safety and security throughout your stay in Haiti. You should avoid travelling alone. Travel with others, especially those with reliable local knowledge. You should avoid displaying expensive items of jewellery and other valuables, and carrying large sums of money. Avoid parking your car on the street.

Park inside secure car parks at venues such as restaurants, and avoid leaving alone if possible. When travelling by car, keep doors and windows locked. Avoid travelling at night. Extra care should be taken when visiting downtown Port au Prince. UK government officials use an armoured vehicle and close protection when travelling to, and through, this area.

See Local travel. Haitians, regardless of rank or social class, are at risk of being kidnapped.

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Although rare, there have been kidnappings involving foreign nationals, including missionaries, aid workers and children. Most victims have been released upon the payment of a ransom. In some exceptional cases, however, victims have disappeared or have been killed. You should be vigilant across the country, remaining alert to small groups of loiterers, especially near your place of residence. Keep doors and windows secure at all times and be wary of inviting anyone into your residence who you do not know or were not expecting.

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The long-standing policy of the British government is not to make substantive concessions to hostage takers. The British government considers that paying ransoms for the release of hostages increases the risk of further hostage taking. Avoid using banks or withdrawing money at public cash points where you may be observed and become the Dominican woman home alone till 5pm of criminals. If necessary, make withdrawals from cash machines in supermarkets or hotels with security guards.

Always be aware of your surroundings and who might be watching you. Gangs, often on motorbikes, target people making cash withdrawals or leaving banks, particularly those travelling on foot. UK government officials use an armoured vehicle and close protection when visiting Port-au-Prince. If you visit low income or slum areas you may attract unwanted attention. Foreigners are viewed as wealthy and may arouse envy. If you do enter these areas, do not travel on foot, take sensible precautions and go with someone who has local knowledge and can speak Kreyol.

Avoid showing visible s of affluence, such as expensive-looking jewellery or electronic equipment. Be cautious when photographing scenes in poor or urban areas, where people may feel exploited or insulted by being subjects of such activities, and ask for permission before photographing individuals. Remain cautious with new acquaintances offering friendship or hospitality. There continue to be reports of robbers targeting people as they arrive at Toussaint Louverture International Airport and as they travel by road to and from the airport.

Be especially vigilant when travelling from the airport to your accommodation, including when leaving the airport and at your end destination.

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Be cautious when claiming your luggage upon arrival and keep your valuables and identification on you. Carry only small amounts of cash and do not resist if you are threatened by robbers. You should avoid using taxis see Local travel. Arrange secure transport, including a local driver, in advance through a local Dominican woman home alone till 5pm. A UK driving licence is only valid for 3 months in Haiti.

For longer stays, you will need a Haitian driving permit. Venturing off the main road will often require a sturdy 4x4 vehicle. Traffic s are rare. The few traffic lights that are operational are mostly in urban centres.

Flooding is common after heavy rainfall. Ro are often unlit and it is not uncommon after dark to encounter cars, trucks and motorcycles driving without lights. Pedestrians also walk in the middle of unlit ro. Many people drive while intoxicated, with their lights off or do not follow the rules of the road.

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Avoid driving at night or in bad weather, even in the city. You should drive cautiously at all times. Research your journey carefully before you set out, consult those with reliable local knowledge and have back up options if needed.

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Always keep your fuel tank at least half full, as fuel supplies can be disrupted. You should carry a mobile phone and a list of emergency contact s with you, as roide assistance services are non-existent. Be aware that mobile phone coverage is intermittent in some rural areas, so consider using a satellite phone.

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Take extra care on the road between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The Dominican side of the land border is currently closed. There are high levels of crime in areas near the border. Blockades at border crossings can quickly turn violent and make crossings difficult.

If crossing the border by land, be prepared for long queues at the 4 crossing points which are only open between 8am to 5pm. Make sure you have all the correct vehicle documentation and cash to pay exit and entry fees. Long stretches of the route are isolated. Aim to complete your entire journey during daylight. Route Nationale 1 which runs north from Port-au-Prince, is subject to frequent, sudden and improvised blockades, such as burning tyres.

You should monitor the local news and follow the advice of the local authorities before setting out on any journeys.

A list of recent incidents and accidents can be found on the website of the Aviation Safety network. However, the International Air Transport Association publishes a list of registered airlines that have been audited and found to meet a of operational safety standards and recommended practices. This list is not exhaustive and the absence of an airline from this list does not necessarily mean that it is unsafe. The political situation in Haiti is extremely fluid and unpredictable and demonstrations can become violent very quickly.

You should avoid political rallies, demonstrations and crowds. There have continued to be sporadic, unpredictable and sometimes violent demonstrations, protests and roadblocks in Port au Prince and throughout Haiti since July The movement of goods and people into and within the country is often disrupted due to blocked ro and security incidents.

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As a consequence, there are sometimes fuel and food shortages. Demonstrations may often be accompanied by improvised road blocks also see Road travel. Curfews and new security regulations can be announced at short notice. You should avoid all demonstrations, monitor local news and follow the advice of the local authorities. Mobile telephones are widely used and mobile data is available from some service providers Digicel, Natcom. al reception varies greatly but is generally acceptable around Port-au-Prince and other cities.

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You can buy local SIM cards and prepaid cards in large towns. To help us improve GOV. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Cookies on GOV. UK We use some essential cookies to make this website work. Accept additional cookies Reject additional cookies View cookies. Hide this message.

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