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IIPIJ 1 ,11 lin? Thou sands of people have rcfmiml the Jn of health hy Its use after everything else tliey tried had failed.

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Austin was pacing the forward deck of his trim craft, pausing now and then to talk to bis brother JohD, who sat near the rail, smoking.

Austin wai face met his questioning xlanca. To his bosom his father drew that ctirly. He smothered the sunken cheeks as tears fell on the face of his only. All his life John was thankful for those days that drew them bo close together in such tender love.

I have been married. Dear boy, are you glad? He was glad. Milwaukee, Wis. Hir, friends often Jokingly remarked that ' nothing was quite bo dear to the cap- eyes an j saw a iady bending over him. The bridge in this state is when he went away from home his Seated in Honey Creek township.

Sauk father would, indeed, be lonely. JiYJl They took him right up to bed when -"'"7 they brought him home.

He openeu ms Z. There was an unusual degree of affection between these brothers, a tender loyalty and regard that was almost touching.

John was nearly twenty-five years older than his brother. He wa3 a physician, a man of broad culture, possessing that rare faculty of making all feel that he wa3 their friend. Tn the sick room, he was at his best. His presence was watched for and loved. He always left his patients better than he had found them. Only at great intervals could he spare the time to take these little trips with his brother.

They were ed among the chief pleasures of his life. He loved the water with the enthusiasm of a soul that understood the majesty and simplicity of nature.

Thin, too, she had loved the water. How is the boy? This is vour new mother. He threw his arm around her and flrpw hpr toward the bed. John looked at her and turned away. As a curiosity of nature the bridge has a merely local reputation up to the present, due largelj because of the difficulty of reaching H and the fact that until recently it wai cut off from the outer world by lack ol rail facilities. Even now one must ride for miles across the sandy bottoms and across a field to get to Dighton ks lonely housewife. But the beauty is sufficient recompense for the trouble.

Upon stepping between the bluff and the arch the immensity of "We are going to have a blow John.

Tne under part of the Wouldn't you better turn in. Starting that down tQ about tnirty feet, where up John looked into the face he loved Dighton ks lonely housewife 3 the supporting rocks. The span, best on earth. It was the face of her is from ten tQ twenty. With all the passion of his manhood he had loved her. Although nearly thirty years had passed, a deep 'regret, a passionate protest, always rose in his heart as he thought of her.

She was very beautiful a southern girl that he had met in Tennessee while stationed there with the federal army. She was tall and slender, her bearing. Her hair, he remembered, as he puffed the smoke from his cigar, was soft and brown her eyes like the blue water he so loved.

Her brother had been wounded and lay dying in the camp of the enemy. They sent for her and she came alone over the rough mountain road, so long and perilous. He would always remember her as he saw her first, in her clinging habit, with her tired face and brave young eyes. Together, as the days passed, they worked over the wounded brother, but no skill could save the ebbing life.

With anguished eyes the loving sister watch. He was all that was left.

Father and brothers had been killed in battle; her mother, sinking beneath the blow, had left her alone. To Dr. John she turned with a Dighton ks lonely housewife and trust that was touching, but then every one loved John. One had cA arms when with her head on his sage over the gpan The person stand-breast, leaning against the heart that jng upon th to of tj.

When other friends are around thee. And other hearts are thine; When other bays have crowned thee. More fresh, more green, than mine, Then think, oh, think, how lonely. This throbbing heart must be. Which, while it beats, beats only. Beloved one, for thee.

Yet do not think I doubt thee, '".? I know thy truth remains:. Thou art the star that guides me Across life's troubled sea, And whatever fate betides me. This heart will turn to thee. George P. The skirt has a dee yoke studded with steel buttons and bordered with three rows of-cording. The waist, which is made in jacket form in front, is cut off where it meets the skirt in the back. The jacket fronts have a peculiar trimming of tucked and puffed gray silk. The tucks are laid horizontally for a couple of inches and the Dighton ks lonely housewife is then formed into three up-and-down puffs or plaits.

A white mousseline front, with bow tie, fills the space between the revers. The sleeves have a trimming corresponding to that on the skirt, being studded at the top with steel buttons and having a V- shaped cording in three rows.

The style of this jacket admits of the addi tion of a handsome, steel-studded belt. John S. Early, an old Adirondack t f occasional loehouse. A week ago while returning on yiew hy tangled underbrush and heavy snow shoes from Fourth lake, he heard woodg are thg tmed handg Qf the hus a commotion in a lumber camp. Creep- bandmen About the base of the arching to a window he saw a sight that way are g. Three an J the visitoj.

One of the tQ celebrate the Fourtn 0f July, and cubs lay in a stupor on the floor. The tQe remaIns of rustic bootns a broken otner cud was BirugguuB tu u beer glagg Qr twQ and Qther g of and the old bear was cavorting about pasj.

She fell over the cubs, the floor of the arch Jg a huge davern poked them with her nose and stop- geven feet high twenty.

The bears were ate J by the action of tnQ water rushing apparently crazy, and Early, having down the face Qf the hU1 and under the only a revolver and knife, decided to archway after a heayy rain This bring help and kill or capture them.

Victuals and Drink. All but the rich must spend half or more of their earnings for their food, In view of this fact is it the part of wisdom for the housewife to scrimp Dighton ks lonely housewife beef Dighton ks lonely housewife she may buy ribbons to tie up her sandwiches? A distinguished statesman once assured a young relative that her knowledge of cooking and housekeeping was worth literally a hundred thousand dollars to her; while another authority affirms that we waste enough at the store, at the mar ket, and in the home to make us wealthy if we would only save.

Would it not be pleasant to be wealthy? More than half the diseases which embitter life are due to avoidable errors in diet, Therefore the housekeeper's power is greater than that of the physician. A specialist on insanity says that its va rious forms almost always begin with the inability of the person to digest food. If the mistress of the house believed that she might save her husband or father from insanity, would she be grudge study given to the chemistry of food?