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Before then, I never thought much about divorce—let alone remarriage. But I do believe there are important spiritual and practical matters to consider when dating Christians who have been ly married. God tells us in no uncertain terms that He hates divorce Malachi

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If you've got a question about anything related to singleness or living the single life, please submit it to hesaid-shesaid crosswalk. The woman I love left her ex-husband due to battery, not adultery. I have asked myself the same question over the years as I contemplated pursuing relationships with women who have been divorced; however you have already started down that road and face an even more difficult one. Divorce is often the consequence of those relational decisions in conjunction with the selfishness of one or both parties in a marriage.

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Some believe that, once married, a person is never free to marry again unless their spouse dies — and no exceptions.

And what about all that emotional baggage that comes with a divorce — once bitten, twice shy? This may well be true for some divorced folk.

4 questions to ask yourself before dating a divorced man

But over time, I had to repent of my prejudices and revise my assumptions. Far from being commitment-shy, they were keen to find a good woman and get on with the business of building a healthy relationship. These chaps were often more confident, and knew exactly what they were looking for in a partner.

Plus another woman had already put in the work on their domestic training! Infidelity would be a serious red flag, as would be an inability to examine honestly the part he may have played in the ending of the marriage.

3 things to consider when dating a divorced christian

Trying to immediately fill the gap left by an ex-spouse is rarely a recipe for a healthy relationship. How long that takes will vary, depending on the person and their circumstances. He was hurt, broken and bitter.

You can read the full grisly story in my book, Would Like To Meet. How long is it since their separation? Are they rushing to fill the gap left by their spouse, or do they seem genuinely ready to move on?

Have they worked through the trauma of their divorce? Are they able to discuss their former spouse without too much anger and bitterness?

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Have they been able to forgive or are they at least working on it? What have they learned from the experience, and what would they do differently in a future relationship?

If they cheated, do they accept full responsibility for their behaviour and show genuine repentence? How do they plan to protect any future marriage from infidelity? Are you prepared for their children to be suspicious and resentful of you, at least to start with? You can connect with her at www.


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