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Dating always initiating contact, I am date boy Dating always initiating contact like fucked

When your phone is practically glued to your hand, it's natural for a sort of messaging pattern to develop with the people you talk to the most, especially with the people you're dating.

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The only thing that worried me was that I was always the one initiating contact with him. It made me wonder what would happen if I just stopped bothering, so I tried it. Without my effort, he took a whole week to get in touch. It showed me just how far down I was on his list of priorities. He liked being chased.

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As a result, I tend to initiate most of my text conversations. This only becomes a problem when I don't hear back. Then, retroactively, I start worrying about things like whether or not I'm bothering them.

What a time to be alive! But what if it's not really a big deal for there to be an imbalance in texting frequency?

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Maybe it's totally common for one person to naturally initiate more conversations than the other and I am just wasting energy worrying about it. To solve that quandary definitively, I reached out to the experts. Here is why they say it is normal for one person to text more than the other whew! First things first: How common is it for one partner to text more than the other? According to Eric Resnickdating expert and profile writer, the answer is very — especially in the beginning of a relationship.

He says that in this situation, try to not let anxiety get the better of you while you wait for a reply. Remember, people have lives.

They might be working, on the phone, in the bathroom, or just not next to their phone. Christie Tcharkhoutiana d marriage and family therapist and professional matchmaker for Three Day Rule, agrees.

The key, she explains, is to establish healthy and direct lines of communication. Dating always initiating contact that sounds great, the temptation to assume the worst when there is an imbalance of texting is powerful. It will be during the time shared together in real life that one will be able to label their lack of investment in texting normal or not.

If your partner is the person sending more texts, and their communication style is becoming a problem for you — or for them when you don't reply as much as they would prefer — the solution, says Resnick, is better communication.

If you tell them and they still assault you with a flood of texts, that might give you a good reason to move on. That makes you seem needy and desperate.

The other issue with being the one who initiates the conversation is not so much about how they feel, but how that imbalance makes you feel, which can be just as detrimental to the health and success of your relationship. But with a little old fashioned face-to-face communication, these are resolvable problems.

With time, you will find it. By Rachel Shatto. Is it normal for one partner to text more often? Search Close.