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Dating a leo man as a gemini woman, I Dating a leo man as a gemini woman seek male that like tranny

Gemini and Leo compatibility makes this couple animated and glorious!

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A Leo man and a Gemini woman combination have high compatibility and are an excellent zodiac match. A Leo man is fun and entertaining, but he also is very stable. A Gemini woman is energetic and curious, and she is also adaptable and easy-going. They will both enjoy socializing, having parties and will have a lively relationship. A Gemini woman will be the perfect audience for a Leo man, and a Leo man will be able to hold the attention of the Gemini woman.

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Gemini woman and leo man love compatibility

Please note this is a visitor forum. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Leo and Gemini compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Leo man guide and Gemini woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. I was with a Leo for six and half years and from my experience it ended badly Leos are too stubborn for Gemini's! As a female Gemini, the chemistry with a certain Leo guy is frustrating We used to be so close but now he only talks to me if I'm the first to say hello.

But he talks plenty if I approach him first Is this a good or a 'just friends' ? Honestly that's a friends .

Leo man and gemini woman

Leos are notorious for going after what they want at any cost. They tend to be too aggressive and forward for many partners. If he was interested you would definitely know about it. Sounds like he's just being polite, outgoing and friendly. They can charm the birds from the tree's - but that's not quite the same thing I'm a Gemini female and my boyfriend is a Leo I think that we are the perfect match for each other because our personalities are Dating a leo man as a gemini woman we get along very well.

I just started noticing how much my boyfriend loves attention it's all about him in love so I try n compliment him all the time but it's like he want everyone to look at him all the I know especially other girls it's starting to get on my nerves I don't know how to tell him. I mean he's is gorgeous but it's suppose to be for my eyes only. I don't know if you should believe what the star s say.

I dated a Leo man, and I truly am all the things they say 'you should be to seduce the Leo', I am that naturally: confident, interesting, hard to get We fell in love, short and sweet. He didn't love me.

Leo male and gemini female

To the poster above - isn't that exactly what the star s say about Leos biggest fault???! I'm a Gemini female and my boyfriend is a Leo I think that it cannot be perfect match, cause Leos are very conservative and they accept what they want. After 6 years relation I am really frustrated cause he forbid me to accept any partyany picnic any place. From the perspective of a Gemini woman, the Leo man welcomes the attention of others. The Leo man can be self-absorbed at times. He is charming, fun, and affectionate.

Leo man and gemini woman compatibility: love, sex, and chemistry

He is intrigued by the Gemini woman because she challenges him socially and intellectually. If the Leo man is interested in you Gemini woman, he'll let you know. The Leo man can be deeply spiritual. If you're interested in a Leo man, get to know the person, not the Lion.

I m a Leo male. I think Gemini woman is very silent and other side Leo is very clever Leo can past his life easily with Gemini but about Gemini woman I don't no. I'm a Gemini female and my boyfriend is a Leo. I need attention and he do.

I didn't pay attention much to start and all of that in relations, but I get to know the person. I'm still in love with him and what's bad, no matter who I'm with, I will find one thing wrong, dump that person and back playing patty cake with my Leo. I'm a Gemini woman and everything is so beautiful with us until a problem comes along and instead of talking to me about it, he disappears.

Our timeline: I went back to work from a leave in February He was a new hire, we met and started dating in March All this the same year. July-September he had then quit or lost can't remember, Leos are beautiful liars 5 jobs. The sex is what kept me sane till the landlord started coming around more often and I realized great sex cant pay the bills so, I kicked his ass back to Key West in November. We have been back and forth dating each other since then and recently now, on our third stint.

Leo man and gemini woman

LOL it's crazy but when they say Gemini and Leos are compatible, once you have developed patience, compatible is more like "made for each other". We both have similarities that complement one another and the personalities are like watching kids play in the sand box. Truly entertaining if it's a Leo you really want to settle down with. I believe he is seriously ready to settle down with me this time though.

By this time, I know him so well, I know when he on that bullshet again and can readily tell when to leave him be. OH if a Leo man really wants you, he will move heaven and earth to get you. I'm a Leo male I met this Gemini girl back in high school, and still talk 2 her this day. But our sexual experience with each other is extraordinary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a Leo male and I went out with a Gemini girl and we dated for one year in a half. The only problem was that we were far away from each other and I only got to see her when ever I could. Well anyway, I broke to the east from Chicago. Then things started getting complicated cause she thought that I was going to come back and so as I was too.

Our relationship was good.

We shared joy and laughter; and when we argue it didn't last cause seconds later we were laughing again. Three months later after I moved, she started telling me that she was tired of waiting. So I didn't argue with just because for the simple fact that I was missing her a lot.

But a week later after we broke up, I found out from somebody else that she was already dating somebody for a month before we broke up. I still love her and care for her, but after how I found out how things went down, I don't want nothing to do with her probably no more. I never cheated on her, never treated her wrong, never did respect her, never called her a Bitch, and never took nothing away from her.

But that was her decision and I just let it go.

She will always be in my heart. If we were together, we would've had the greatest moments and the greatest relationship that I would've ever had. I miss her, but like that say, only time will speak for its self.

But is a brand new year; and there's one only thing to say, the champ is here. I feel like I can relate, after reading all these stories. Well as a Gemini female, with my Luck, the two guys that impacted my life we're both Leo males!

How ironic! The first time I really got involved with a Leo, it was established that we were a couple, and it happened pretty fast. I don't know if I'd call it passion but it was lust for sure!

He was caring but extremely stubborn! Everything had to be his way. Self centered with a high sex drive. He loved to show me off to his friends. Things went down hill when he's pride took over. He know's he messed up, but because it was he's fault, till this day he refuses to even say hi to me. Goes to show me what kind of person he was. Second time I got involved with a Leo, was much more meaningful.

I actually fell in love with him, something I don't tend to do. I'm not going to lie, I played games with him in the beginning because he didn't spark my interest until I got to know him.

Leo man and gemini woman compatibility

Nothing else seemed to matter because I was living in my dream land. Girls always were around him, making me think. Everything was very passionate between us, and for a while we had to manage with distance. We were not in an official relationship but it sure felt like one.

Leo man and gemini woman long-term compatibility

The last time he came to see me, it seemed that I was much more into it than he was. They way he kissed me told me something was wrong. And I was right, because apparently he told me that we could not establish a relationship because we are so far. Talk about a hypocrite!