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Crete in 3 days, Swede girl looking up friend for Crete in 3 days

Hey travelers! We heard you are traveling to Crete so we decided to offer you a superior 3 day Crete itinerary that will make your holiday an unforgettable one. There is something magical about this island.

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The historical sites, the fresh seafood, the filling Greek gyros, the iced coffee, the mind-blowing sunsets, and the vast sea hugging the whole country are some of the many reasons to visit this underrated country. For us, Greece remains one of our favourite countries so far and may continue to remain so. Thanks to the economic crisis, popularity of songs and movies shot in famed 'Santorini', and the reputation of Mykonos as the world's finest party destination, the popular islands of Greece have become a bit too touristy and overcrowded. Though unfortunate, this leaves many other parts of the country off the limits of tour groups, keeping them sane and raw Crete in 3 days the curious traveler to find peace in.

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When you are deciding how many days in Crete, you need to remember that it is a very large island, the largest of the Greek Islands by some margin. While it is rarely wider than 40 miles north to south, it is miles from east to west.

A three-day guide to crete – a greek island you've probably never heard of

As a result it is worth planning a visit in advance, especially because there are so many historical and cultural highlights to enjoy. I settled on 3 days and did plenty of research so I would waste no time.

I studied history to an advanced level so my focus was far more than the lovely climate and the stunning coastline. While I did not want to rent a car for my whole time in Crete, I did rent one after the first day to allow me to get to distant places. One of the first decisions I had to make was whether I wanted a single base for my holiday, or was I going to move around with a night on three different side of the island.

3 day crete itinerary

I decided to have a single base, the Capital, Heraklionwhich is on the north coast, just east of the midpoint of Crete. The archeological sites and monuments of Heraklion are memorable.

For the remainder of my time in Crete, I rented a car initially with a view to driving west to Chania which is around 90 miles away, and took about 2. Chania was the Capital of Crete until and is famous for its narrow streets, alleys, the medieval architecture and mansions.

There are bus services for those of you not wanting to drive.

The Venetians were just one of the peoples who left their mark. The Ottomans and the Egyptians were here as well.

Rethymno was the main part of my third day in Crete. It is a town around an hour west of Heraklion.

Its coastal location and clear blue waters provide a great setting. I immediately felt that the pace of life in Rethymno was slower than Heraklion. I just walked around the Old Town where there were plenty of churches, orthodox and catholic as well as mosques.

After a coffee overlooking the harbor, I went up a small hill to Fortezzothe largest fortress on Crete, built by the Venetians. Its huge walls are almost a mile long.

How many days in crete – 3 days in crete itinerary

There were few more impressive sights on my trip to Crete. It was a shorter day today, but then a lovely Cretan meal at night ended a remarkable three days. It is on the south west coast and this 10 miles trail is popular with visitors to Crete looking for an active holiday.

With just three days, there was little time to spend on the beach; Crete has hundreds of miles of coastline. There was also no time for cruising on the Mediterranean. Next time perhaps?

I had no time to head east to what is the quieter part of Crete. There are both natural and historical sites worth seeing I am told. Again, next time perhaps?

How many days should you spend on crete?

That city was my holiday base. The Airport is just a few miles from the center of the City so the transfer is cheap and easy.

Crete is a fascinating island. I felt when I left after three days I had a good grasp of its highlights even though I could not spend as much time at some sites that I would have wished. It is an island I must visit again.

Epic crete itinerary: how to make the most of 4 days in crete

Some travelers merely go to Crete for the sun and sea, with the fine Mediterranean cuisine an added attraction. I went for more than that and I think my objectives were satisfied.

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