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PG min Action, Adventure, Crime. Cipher enlists the help of Jakob, Dom's younger brother to take revenge on Dom and his team. Votes: 35,

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We've tried to include all of the best CIA movies on this list, but if you believe we missed one, please feel free to add to the list yourself. If you want more awesome movie list ideas that you can watch right now on Netflix, then be sure to check out our lists of the best action movies on Netflixbest movies on Netflix and comedies on Netflix. With its intrigue, espionage, and cloak and dagger politics, the CIA and its spies and operatives are a perfect setting and cast of characters for film making and Cia type movies.

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Since the silent era of film, spy films have been offering up a certain kind of escapism for movie-going audiences.

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The success of the serial inspired various other authors, such as Rudyard Kipling, to venture into this new written territory. From the success of the written works, spy films began as simple reenactments of real-life events in war, and increasing international tensions in the early 20th Cia type movies laid the groundwork for the spy genre to Cia type movies particularly successful, peak with World War I, then reach a lull.

And nowadays, the mystery, action, and thrills of spy movies can cross more genres; from comedies, to fantasy films, to biopics and superhero flicks, the excitement of espionage on the silver screen is not limited to solely the spy genre itself. With Thanksgiving weekend comes Bond movie marathons. And while no cable channels are offering up a marathon this year, guides like this one have compiled where you can find Bonds across various streaming platforms—nearly all are available between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

This year, given that the CDC advised Americans to stay home for Thanksgiving to slow the spread of COVID, less travel time means more hours on the calendar to revisit the globe-trotting espionage franchise. If you love the spy games but are wary of sinking hours into the lesser Bonds, try branching out into the rest of the escapist genre of spy films. Stacker compiled data on all spy movies to come up with a Stacker score—a weighted index split evenly between IMDb and Metacritic scores. To qualify, the film had to have a Metascore and have at least 2, votes.

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Ties were broken by Metascore and further ties were broken by IMDb user rating. Every film on the list has been considered according to the cinematic history and development of spy movies. Starting athere are the best spy movies of all time.

You may also like: best movies of all time. In a plot to lure and capture a dangerous terrorist, a CIA agent crafts a fake terrorist organization, as he collaborates with a master strategist, all while keeping his actions hidden from the head of Jordanian intelligence.

But in her efforts to prove herself innocent, she further implicates herself, causing her to question her own identity. Though an uncharacteristic mishap during routine training exercise at first brings M to believe is finally past his prime, James Bond is once again forced to tussle with the nefarious criminal organization SPECTRE, when a group of its members steals nuclear missiles from the U.

This was the last film in a seven-film run as Bond for actor Sean Connery. When an IRA member is arrested after a failed terrorist attack Cia type movies s Belfast, she must choose between spying on her comrades for the government, or being sent to prison and leaving her young son. Collette is compelled to adopt an impassive mask, but the depths of sadness and pain she endures are unmistakable. The trail le our secret agent to India and a traveling circus—or is it a cover for something else? Based on the Cia type movies show of the same name, this Guy Ritchie film stars Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill as a KGB agent and a CIA agent, respectively, forced to work together in order to stop a secretive criminal organization from using nuclear weapons to purposefully disrupt tensions during the Cold War.

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Starring Charlize Theron as the seductive and deadly Lorraine Broughton, the actress performed all of her own brutal stunts which required two months of five-hour-a-day training. The film was poorly received by critics and the box office alike upon initial release, but has since seen a reappraisal, especially with its nearly five-hour-long cut restored in 4K and released in There, he investigates a mysterious spacecraft that has captured space capsules from Russia and America—seemingly, in an attempt to bring the two countries Cia type movies war.

A neglected year-old boy finds solace in video games and his imaginary friend—a secret agent, who comes in handy when the boy accidentally gets his hands on some real-life spy intel and is forced to go on the run. A recently demoted British spy, played by Michael Caine, accidentally uncovers a plot by a KGB agent to build and detonate a bomb in England and blame it on Americans. Now, he requires the help of superiors he is still at odds with in order to stop the plot. You may also like: Best-selling book series of all time.

A retired CIA agent returns to the fold after an attempt on his life by a group of hit men, reassembling his old team and uncovering a massive, life-threatening conspiracy. The film is loosely based on the comic book series of the same nameand received a nomination for Best Musical or Comedy Film at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards. The first installment in the classic Tom Cruise-led Cia type movies spy series sees his character, Ethan Hunt, accused of the murder of his own mentor as he becomes a fugitive and is forced to break into a CIA building in order to retrieve a document that proves his innocence.

During a mission in Casablanca intwo undercover World War II operatives meet and fall in love, hoping to start a new life together—but their plans are tested by the war. You Cia type movies also like: and 19 other dystopian novels that predicted the future. On his way home from England, however, he becomes stranded on an island with a woman—and her disabled husband—who begins to fall for this ruthless enemy. A British anthropologist aboard the Trans-Siberian Express with his newest specimen unwittingly becomes a part of a mysterious conspiracy, as his travel from China back home to Europe is plagued by passengers turning up dead.

Both films are adaptations of the popular Cia type movies Clancy novels. You may also Cia type movies Top country songs of all time. This French parody of spy films stars Jean Dujardin as the titular OSSwho is tasked with investigating the disappearance of a fellow agent and humorously uncovers an entire international conspiracy—while undercover as a wholesale chicken company head.

This cinematic of the Korean War depicts the final battle between the North and the South, as a ceasefire has been declared but the border between the nations has yet to be determined. Critic V. The film received positive reviews but was at the center of an infamous, year-long legal dispute between author Ian Fleming and producer Kevin McClory.

You may also like: 30 celebrities you might not know are Canadian. Robert Redford and Brad Pitt star in this action thriller concerning a CIA operative just about to retire, who discovers that, not only has his protege been taken prisoner in China, but that he has been sentenced to die and the CIA is considering allowing it.

From sci-fi director J. Supervillain Gru and his squad of minions abandon their life of crime, in this sequel to the well-received family film.

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As Gru struggles to raise his three adoptive daughters Agnes, Edith, and Margo, Cia type movies is called upon by the Anti-Villain League to stop the heist of an emerging new supervillain. Unbeknownst to his family, salesman Harry Tasker is an undercover operative for the U.

This parody of noir films follows Steve Martin as a detective hired to investigate the freak Cia type movies of a famous cheese maker, whose daughter believes he was murdered over his enviable recipes. The film incorporates clips from various classic films with various famous actors, weaving them together as part of a brand-new story.

You may also like: 30 best nature documentaries of all time. A recent hire for the CIA becomes disillusioned after seeing a less admirable side of the American government, and he decides to sell the documents he finds to the Russians in a half-baked scheme. An undercover agent is tasked with infiltrating a group of ecoterrorists, but her association with the group causes her to start sympathizing with the enemy—and falling for one of its members. This docu-drama tells the real-life story of whistleblower Katharine Gun, a British intelligence specialist who, incomes into possession of a memo which details a plan between the U.

Security Council members in order to blackmail them. A computer hacker and his ragtag team of security specialists are blackmailed by two NSA agents into stealing a newly invented code-breaking device. You may also like: Controversial figures who still found success. When a wife and mother leading a double life as a CIA operative has her identity leaked, her family and others become endangered and her life begins to undo itself.

This bio-drama is based on the real-life story of U. Representative Charlie Wilson, whose attempts to provide assistance to the rebels in Afghanistan fighting the Soviets in the s, through the program Operation Cyclone, led to the end of the Soviet Union, along with the Cold War. When quiet CIA codebreaker Joe Turner arrives to work one day to find all of his coworkers slaughtered, he discovers that the higher-ups he goes to for help were in on the murders.

With a ruthless hitman tailing him, he must figure out why the agency is out to get him. The success of the Robert Redford-fronted film eventually spawned a TV series remake in You may also like: best films of the 21st century, according to critics. The film was the Cia type movies in the Bond series to use CGI. As famous French novelist Marcel Proust lies on his deathbed, he looks at old photographs to revel in the happy memories Cia type movies his past.

Soon the fictitious characters of his stories begin to intersect with his recollections, overlapping the real and imaginary as life and art combine. He must rescue the father of one of its members. You may also like: 50 iconic onscreen female friendships.

The film was the last film featuring actor Philip Seymour Hoffman that was released before his death in The movie is based loosely on the real-life story of double agent Park Chae-seowho met then-North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. The pair brings together a band of other young mutants who are soon tasked with stopping another mutant bent on starting nuclear war.

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Jack is soon wrapped up in the case of a businessman murdered on a yacht who has links to drug dealers. You may also like: Primetime TV shows that have stood the test of time.

The film is based on the real-life story of Hanssenwho was convicted of spying on the United States for the Soviet Union and Russia for over 20 years. But when her agent ends up assassinated, Susan finesses her way into an undercover job to capture his killer and enact revenge.

When a colonel and a lieutenant general order a drone strike on suicide bombers in Kenya, a young girl winds up in the kill zone, prompting an international dispute over the moral and ethical implications of drone warfare. The film was the final live-action appearance for actor Alan Rickman, who died in January the following year.

Ethan is forced to regain the good graces of the government and prevent a second attack, aided by a suspect group of IMF fugitives. You may also like: Famous authors who only wrote one novel. In the first film of the Bourne series, a man named Jason Bourne recovers after being stranded in the middle of the ocean. He suffers from amnesia, but his apparent grasp of a set of very dangerous skills le him to believe his Cia type movies is less than savory.

His quest to uncover his identity is marred by assassins on his tail. The film is adapted from the novel of the same by Robert Cia type movies. In the time following the Nazi invasion of Denmark, partners Flame and Citron work for the Dutch resistance assassinating Nazi collaborators, but are eventually given orders to start killing Nazis themselves.

They begin to question their morality further as doubt settles in over the legitimacy of their asments.

Then both Shasta and her boyfriend disappear. You may also like: Lyrics to 50 famously misunderstood songs, explained. A Navy lieutenant discovers that the woman he shared a passionate fling with is romantically entangled with his superior.

The first film was directed by John Farrow. Ina young Jewish woman escapes near death and becomes a part of the resistance during World War II as an undercover spy. At the time, the film was the most expensive Dutch film ever made. Set in the s during the Korean independence movement, Korean resistance fighters attempt to smuggle explosives from Shanghai in order to destroy important Japanese-controlled facilities in Seoul. All the Cia type movies, agents of Japan try to stop them. The film features a now-famous plane scene, in which Tom Cruise performs his own stunt dangling on the side of an actual, moving plane as it ascends into the air.

You may also like: Best Grateful Dead albums of all time. The agent begins his pursuit of Bourne with the intent to kill him, but murders his girlfriend by accident in the process.