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Lee Stanton March 19, Every user is required to enter an address upon creating a Facebook .

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Your Facebook is generally associated with an address that you use to log in when you visit the site or use the Facebook mobile app.

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Subscriber active since. As the most popular social media network of all time, pretty much everyone is on Facebook these days.

What started as a site for American university students — many of us remember when you had to have a valid. Pretty much every part of your Facebook experience can be customized, including the address you associate with your .

Your is used both to log into Facebook and to allow other users to locate you, should you allow that option in your privacy settings. If you lose access to the associated with Facebook or simply wish to change your Facebook to connect with a different address altogether, doing so is a quick and easy process.

Change your id on facebook

In your internet browser, navigate and log into Facebook using your current address and password. Once logged in, click the downward facing arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to reveal a drop-down list of options. Towards the bottom of the list, click on "Settings. Under your general settings, you'll see a section for contact information, in which your primary address is listed. Click on that button to launch a pop-up in which you can input your new address.

After inputting your new address and hitting the enter key on your keyboard, you'll be asked to re- current Facebook password to confirm the changes. Once you've completed this security step, Facebook will send you a verification containing a link that you must click on to prove that it is a valid address that you own.

Once you click on the confirmation validating your new address, Facebook will automatically set your newly entered address as your primary contact.

This can be changed anytime by following the above steps again to enter a new address, or by selecting your old one as your primary form of contact. From your phone's home screen, locate and tap the Facebook app icon to open it.

Once in the Facebook app, locate the three stacked horizontal lines in the lower right hand corner of the screen and tap them to open a list of menu options. Click on "Personal Information.

On the personal information screen, you should click on the " address" section to be taken to a screen in which you can add or remove addresses associated with your. Click on "Add Address" to enter the new address you want to add to your .

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How to change connected to facebook

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How to change the primary on facebook

Jennifer Still. Facebook allows you to personalize your experience in many ways, including the address you associate with your .

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Use the settings menu to change your contact information

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