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Cut through the noise by getting the day's biggest stories sent direct to your inbox. Good Morning Britain sparked a furious debate today after discussing whether you should be able to kiss your pets.

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Her arms and legs were cold and mottled, and her face was turning purple. Doctors quickly determined that Julie was in septic shock—bacteria in her bloodstream were attacking her from within. Even after starting on antibiotics, the purple kept spreading, and her organs began to fail.

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Probably not.

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So, sink your teeth into this list of eight animals that vant to drink blood. These flying insects are all too familiar to most people. While mosquitoes are usually just annoying—the itchy bump left from a mosquito encounter is a reaction to its saliva—some unfortunate people find out that mosquitoes can transmit a of serious diseases, including yellow fever, malaria, filariasis, and dengue.

This is another pesky but seemingly benign insect that is actually extremely deadly—as in Black Death deadly.

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As infected rats began to die off, fleas turned to humans for blood, thereby transmitting the disease. And you probably thought fleas were just a problem for Fido.

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This nursery rhyme fails to convey the true nightmare of bedbugs. Later, however, the bite often becomes an itchy welt. Unfortunately, they can be hard to eliminate.

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Why should insects have all the fun? Another bloodthirsty bird, the vampire finch is found on the Galapagos Islands.

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Though often eating seeds and insects like other finch species, vampire finches also have a taste for blood. In fact, the booby often sits patiently as a long queue of vampire finches wait to take a drink. Although most people avoid these bloodsucking worms, leeches have long been used in the world of medicine. While those treatments are now discontinued, leeches have found new—and proven—uses in modern medicine. Most notably, leeches are used to restore blood flow to damaged veins after an appendage is reattached or a tissue grafted.

So, maybe more people should be on Team Leech. Lampreys use their mouths—which are jawless and feature horny teeth—to attach themselves to fish. Sometimes a lamprey can stay attached to one fish for weeks. Fortunately, lampreys rarely attack humans.

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This type of bat, of which there are three species, is the only known mammal whose diet is solely based on blood. Although livestock, birds, and reptiles are its typical targets, humans are occasionally its prey. Vampire bats—which must feed at least every two days—use razor-sharp teeth to make tiny incisions in their victims and then lick the flowing blood. The satiated bats will often regurgitate blood to share with those who are hungry.

Would you let a dog lick your face? good morning britain debate divides opinion

Who said bloodsuckers were heartless? By Amy Tikkanen.

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Banded house mosquito Culiseta annulataalso known as Theobaldia annulata. Red-billed oxpecker Buphagus erythrorhynchus on a Cape buffalo Syncerus caffer.

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Medicinal leech Hirudo verbana. Lampreys Petromyzon marinus.

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Common vampire bat Desmodus rotundus. Load More.