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Romance comes in many forms.

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The language of love can be translated in many ways, but the most universal? As the decades have gone on, the tone and tenor of romantic music has evolved. Each of these songs, just like each romance, is beautiful in its own way. So whether love sounds to you like a searing guitar solo, powerful grand piano, or grooving bass line, one of these tunes will surely ignite a feeling. Choosing a favorite Beatles love tune is impossible. Sure, it put George Harrison on the A-side for the first time.

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Love is like a box of chocolates: you keep looking for the one you really want, and leave the shit for some other poor sap. Luckily, these artists opened their hearts to pen songs about love that capture the rush of romance more poetically than we ever could.

A truly great love song is a like an adrenaline hit to your heart and soul, evoking feelings of nostalgia, heartache and the euphoria of the best of times with that special someone. Now, before we make ourselves sick, here are the greatest love songs ever recorded — as chosen by team NME. Quite a lovely sentiment to this acoustic ditty: the first day you met that special someone, that was when your life truly began.

Gooiest moment : everything past the three-and-and-half minute mark, when your boy really lets the vocals rip. Jarvis serenades the childhood friend he secretly longed for.

It was written about MBE-award-winning mental health worker Deborah Bone they really did grow up together and he sang the song at her 50th birthday party, a year before she sadly died. The saddest love song The Fab Four ever recorded, as Macca gets remorseful. Love: quite a good thing, quite a scary thing.

Remember your first relationship? That spirit is bottled by this song, which Moz and Marr wrote after their second gig as The Smiths.

Gooiest moment : Er, tricky one. Fuck knows. James has said that when he wrote the song, he had feelings for his childhood sweetheart — feelings his wife suspected.

Gooiest moment : when the chorus returns after that weird fake fade-out towards the end. One of few hit songs written by bassist John Deacon, this tender ballad is a love letter to Veronica, his wife of 41 years.

Oh, and the grizzly ponytail he sports in the video deserves a mention too. Gooiest moment : The bittersweet spoken-word section: when Dolly wishes her ex joy and happiness, her voice wavers. Gooiest moment: Offering to hike across infinitely wide rivers and unfathomably gigantic mountains in the name of love is pretty damn romantic.

The 20 greatest love songs of all time. Average love songs are two-a-penny, but which ones make you feel all mushy inside? By NME. Credit: Getty.