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Become a guy magnet, Wonderful lady hunting for boy for Become a guy magnet

Have you ever wondered why some women attract men so easily and get a guy they want while others find it hard to do so and always end up with Mr. Wrong or players? If so, you can follow the following powerful tips to transform yourself, become a man magnet, and find your Mr.

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By Jordin. Knowing how to be a man magnet and then applying the tips are two completely different things. You'd be surprised at the of women out there who know how to be a man magnet and don't even realize it!

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Man Magnet — The other day I took a hot yoga class for the first time ever. I was in this class, sweat pouring everywhere, awkwardly holding my positions, and honestly feeling like I was going to pass out.

9 ways to become a man magnet!

It was super uncomfortable, and I definitely stood out as a newcomer. I had moments I had to take breaks because I got too hot and, in the past, I would have judged myself for not doing the class perfectly.

You see, I grew up thinking that I had to be perfect to be loved. This manifested into me growing into an adult who never tried new things.

So, I sat out on events my entire adult life until very, very recently when I changed all of my beliefs about love. I decided I was lovable no matter what. This is how I always got asked out by men when I was out and about….

3 steps to become a guy magnet

When I was at home, before I even went out, I got into Wonder Women pose right in front of the mirror. I am dead serious.

So, I got into Wonder Woman pose in front of the mirror, made eye contact with myself, and said amazing, uplifting things to myself. And I said them in this pose until I felt amazing and empowered.

I would put the sexiest lingerie in the world under my dress or skirt and feel amazing knowing that all day I would be surrounded by men who had NO idea how sexy I looked underneath my clothes. I loved having this secret.

6 secrets to become a man magnet and find your mr. right!

For clothes, I always put something on that I felt beautiful, confident and feminine in. Try it! It makes a HUGE difference. I felt so sexy and so amazing listening to that song. I would put my makeup on listening to it while making eye contact with myself and saying loving things out loud to myself. I would affirm my worth to myself and my beauty and my sensuality. I would affirm how approachable I was and how I get approached by many high-quality men all day, every day!

How to be a total man-magnet

I would really get into this part. I would see every little detail and really allow myself to feel how amazing it felt to be approached by an incredible man. This part was so important that on some days after I did it, I was approached by a man and asked out, twice, within thirty minutes!!!!! I trusted the Universe to bring me this or something better.

I knew it was just a matter of time until I met my man, so I trusted, released it and relaxed!!! I made eye contact, smiled, looked away and then looked back, made lingering eye contact and gave him a very knowing smile like we had a secret between us. I made sure the eye contact was lingering enough that he knew, yes, I am looking at you and yes, I am interested.

I might even raise a slight eyebrow in a very sensual way.

8 amazingly effective tips on how to be a total guy magnet

I would remind myself there is plenty where that came from and move on! Men are amazing creatures who want nothing more than to make us happy, so dive in and have some fun!!!! If you are having a hard time meeting men in person and your dating profile gets crickets, book a FREE call now!

This is how I always got asked out by men when I was out and about… 1 Mindset — First, I worked hardcore on my mindset. My clients are getting tons of dates, exclusive relationships, and engagements!