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In this universe they have also dated. Her real name is Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commission Gordon. She first appeared in Detective Comics as a libarian.

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This article had suddenly found a lot more interest on-line. We reprint it below with a couple of additions. If you want to about The Killing Jokethen go here, here and especially here.

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Batgirl and batman dating - how do you feel about batman dating batgirl?

Batman: The Animated Series first premiered in In the show, Batman would Batman dating batgirl himself with a group of allies to help him in his efforts to eliminate crime from Gotham. Batman: TAS would branch out into a larger shared universe, including sequels in Justice League and Batman Beyond take place within the same animated reality. Barbara Gordon plays a key role in both TAS and Batman Beyondgoing through a of key changes in-between the two shows.

Barbara was Batgirl for years and saw a lot of horror as a result. She stuck by Batman's side when Dick Grayson quit and walked away. She continued her superhero life after seeing what the Joker did to Tim Drake. She continued helping Batman as everyone else around him quit the superhero Batman dating batgirl. Eventually, she decided to move on. She realized that there wasn't much of a future in being Batgirl. Despite all the good she'd done in costume, that wasn't the life she wanted forever.

So, she retired as Batgirl. Barbara's life as a superhero gave her a chance to help people. She had been raised with a clear sense of right and wrong since her father was a cop. Not much is known about her early career in the police or what kind of job she had with the police. She could have started as a traffic cop or used her computer skills to help in a technical capacity.

There's no way of knowing what her father would have thought about Batman dating batgirl following in her footsteps. She was surprisingly cold to both Terry and Bruce. Terry watched as she went to examine her old costume. While looking at her costume, she remarks that the bullet holes are gone. Batman tends to only put costumes on display when they are no longer being used. Barbara was likely shot right before she chose to retire.

This is a reference to The Killing Jokethe comic where Barbara is forced to quit being Batgirl after being shot by the Joker. In the episode, Barbara would have been recovering from a serious injury. When Langstrom and his Man-Bat army start causing trouble, Batman orders Barbara to stay away, giving her more time to recover.

Barbara would have attempted to recruit Nightwing to help her with the issue, but he would be unavailable. She would have then turned to Huntress and Black Canary to help her stop Langstrom, with her acting in an Oracle-like capacity. The episode couldn't be made because the rights to Batgirl were unavailable, however. In one of the most disturbing scenes within this universe, it is revealed that Barbara and Bruce had been in a relationship.

In comics, the relationship is revealed when Barbara tells Bruce that she is pregnant with his. She would eventually lose the child Batman dating batgirl continue the relationship. She tells Terry that the relationship was like dancing a ballet. She also reveals that she ended things because Bruce didn't seem to want anything more than being a superhero.

Barbara and Dick dated for a while within the animated universe. Their relationship was pulled directly from comic book canon. Barbara tells Terry that their relationship wasn't anything serious. She dismissively states that they dated when they were in college. She seems to have chosen Bruce over Dick, which may have further strained things between Bruce and his former ward. Her feelings for Bruce helped her walk Batman dating batgirl from her best-known relationship. Barbara walked away from being a superhero and dating her coworkers.

She would move on from the hero's life completely. She would eventually meet the man she would one day marry. In typical Barbara fashion, she once again got involved with a man she worked with. Sam Young was a lawyer and worked as a District Attorney. The two would have worked together putting criminals in prison.

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It is unknown if Sam and Barbara ever had any children. It is also unknown if Sam ever learned about Barbara's life as Batgirl. In the comics, Barbara is just one in a long line of people who use the name Batgirl. However, the animated universe makes Barbara the only Batgirl.

In Batman BeyondBruce has lost nearly all of his old allies. Unlike in the comics, the Bat-Family only shrank as time went on.

Once Barbara leaves her role as Batgirl, there is no one to fill in for her. Barbara's father, Jim Gordon, was one of Batman's allies.

Jim was the police commissioner, a high-ranked officer. Barbara would eventually take over as Gotham City's police commissioner. Barbara might have been the best successor for her father, but she would have Batman dating batgirl to work her way up to the position. There would have been countless hours of dedication to earn that title. It probably took years for Barbara to step into her father's old role, and there is a chance he didn't get to see her fill his shoes.

There was a time when Bruce Wayne was an incredibly important person in Barbara's life. She repeatedly had Batman dating batgirl put her life in his hands. There was a deep level of trust between Barbara and the rest of the Bat-Family. By Batman Beyondit is clear that she no longer trusts Bruce. There was never a clear reason why Batman completely lost her trust, but it was clear that her lack of trust carried over to Terry McGinnis.

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