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Out of all the One Direction guys, Niall Horan seems to be the most secretive when it comes to his love life.

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Sorry girls, we hate to do this to you on New Year's Eve and all Want the latest news headlines to Barbara denies dating niall inbox every single day? up to our FREE newsletter to make sure you don't miss a beat. As the hunky singer was spotted on a casual low key date night with model Barbara Palvin, pals said the pair WERE in a relationship. Despite the pair leaving the Herfordshire pub separately and being all shy about their blossoming love - pals tweeted that the pair were "officially dating" - we suppose that means Niall pays for the drinks. They clearly wanted to keep a low profile.

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Narbara, which is considered the biggest and most substantial Niall relationship I think, was a fake relationship. Narbara popped up out of nowhere with barely any warning. Louise Thompson came in in May and lasted right up until Narbara started in December. That started late November and ran up until the Barbara stuff started in December as well.

The fandom was apparently aware of her because there were some people that already shipped her with Harry or Niall. Funnily enough, Narbara ran almost simultaneously with Hendall that year, but most people will probably remember Hendall a lot better.

The first appearance was when Niall and Barbara supposedly went to see Catching Fire together. Why do we even know about it? She tweeted about it the day of.

Niall horan goes on secret cinema date with underwear model barbara palvin

Not exactly a low key start to a romance. The next time Barbara denies dating niall were spotted together was at an airport in Cannes. The whole band flew there for work and supposedly Barbara went with them. I found discussion of how Eleanor and Louis were holding hands in the picture.

Zayn is wearing the same thing in all the pictures, so it was the same day. This was the first time, but definitely not the last, that one of the other fake relationships was associated with Narbara. He posted a video on Instagram. In fact, it was the first post he ever made on Instagram. Or the things the other guy with him was saying. Again, this is maybe the first time, but not last, that a Narbara date was chaperoned.

One Direction went to the X Factor finals and Barbara was seen in the crowd, leaving, and at the wrap party with Niall. This is where they left the show.

There was a set of 4 pics, all almost identical to this one, used in articles claiming that they were holding hands. This is the wrap party that Niall and Harry both attended. There was a group of fans inside at the X Factor which is where all the first pictures came from. This looks like a lot of people are reporting independently at first, but then two of them confirmed they were all in the same group. Mutliple articles, including a Sun article, about a supposedly private, low key romance?

This video is actually kind of odd because it looks like Barbara Barbara denies dating niall Liam are in the back for part of it being very buddy-buddy and hugging a lot. The girl in the video is wearing the same color and length of sleeves, so it seems to be her. In any case, Niall might or might not have been drinking, but he definitely got emotional at the end and started crying.

Everyone rushed to comfort him. Liam, Barbara, and Karen can all be seen talking to him and basically petting him. There were lots of people at the concert who spotted Niall and Barbara, but this girl was the only Barbara denies dating niall I found claiming they were kissing. This person claimed it was Sophia in the balcony comforting Niall, but you can see in the first video that the girl is wearing red pants like Barbara had on in other pictures that night.

I thought the mention of how Zerrie went ice skating that night was interesting. Now we get to the second date that was supposed to be private. Fans reported seeing them there together at night.

It was a regular photo-shoot since there are even more pictures of Niall with fans from what must be the same night and bar. You can see Barbara in the background heading a different direction with the big, white purse she had that night. Here Barbara is in the same exact situation as Niall. If the paps were outside, how did they miss the miraculous occurrence of Narbara holding hands? It makes no sense. The obviously low key couple of course decided to attend yet another public concert, with Sophiam in tow no less. This concert was a special NYE thing, so this shot actually ended up on television for everyone to see.

It looks like Narbara are kissing, but that was thoroughly debunked. The two people kissing are Barbara denies dating niall different. And of course Niall was papped leaving the show with Barbara conveniently clear to see in the background shot again.

What would a Narbara sighting be without fans claiming to have seen something intimate despite having no proof? Again, it all seems to have been just one Barbara denies dating niall insisting they saw something and spreading the private balcony tale. There are several fan pics of Narbara in the concert seating, but none of him anywhere near putting his arm around her. Of course this whole obsession with NYE midnight kisses is reminiscent of Haylor the year before. It will pop up again because just like Zerrie, the papers continuously use the fake picture.

The next time they seemed to appear together was during the 5SOS concert in March, spurring the press to report they got back together. There are pictures of Niall at the concert and backstage, and if you look at the first picture you can see a yellow laptop which matches the one in the picture Barbara posted below.

The last, maybe most obscure thing was this suggestive double follow, tweet, and reply whammy from someone who I think was a makeup artist working with Barbara at one point. Since a rather unpleasant alternative for Narbara would be Biall, Barbara denies dating niall might have been what Niall was tweeted about. Of course the most obvious are the initial tweet about Niall and the Instagram post that she tagged him in that are both still up. There were a couple rumors about Niall liking a manip on Instagram and Fizzy Tomlinson confirming the relationship on her ask fm, but those seem to be very shaky, if not completely debunked.

You know how 1DHQ loves to set their fake couples up and make them look legitimate through sharing clothes?

Barbara denies dating niall

Of course fans noticed this. This whole thing is one big mess attached to Justin and Selena as well.

Barbara got quite flirty with Justin and was blamed for getting in between Justin and Selena before the thing with Niall even started. It looks like that was probably a planned stunt too. The of times Selena and Justin broke up and the amount of attention it got each time point that way.

Niall horan and barbara palvin tell pals they are a couple - as they are spotted on pub date

Barbara would certainly benefit from rumors with both Justin Bieber and Niall. It all came full circle when Niall and Selena were rumored to have a thing starting right after Narbara ended.

Secondly, Niall himself denied it during an interview with Ryan Seacrest. You can find the audio file here.

There are some things about this supposed relationship that follow 1DHQ patterns, and there are also some things that follow Niall fake relationship specific patterns. Another thing they share is that neither of them ever confirm their supposed relationships, but the press always treat them as official anyway.

This whole thing started when Niall had not one, but two other overlapping situations going on in the press with Tamera Foster and Louise Thompson. Louise Thompson had an official boyfriend at the same time.

Add to that the fact that there were rumors Barbara had a different boyfriend the whole time. Of course there was sketchy business with Melissa and her ex-boyfriend insinuating she cheated on him with Niall. There was also a woman in Marbella he supposedly flirted with who claimed her fiance left her after seeing the very tame pictures and articles.

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Speaking of which:. He was supposed to have dated Zoe Whelan. She got ed almost immediately after starting to date him. Barbara was obviously a model. Melissa Whitelaw, again, got ed as a model almost immediately after starting to date Niall. Some of his more ificant minor linkages were to Thalia Heffernan and Amy Willerton who are also models.