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When you see flight attendants, you may not think that their lives are that complex. But here are some secret facts you may not know about them. Flight attendants have revealed their sauciest confessions from the cabin.

Here, The Sun has rounded up some of the most jaw-dropping crew tales that have emerged from the cabin. At the end of last year, a British Airways cabin crew member revealed she was selling sex between flights and offering passengers the chance to the exclusive mile high club by hooking up with them in mid-air.

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AirHostess71 caused a stir with her racy photos. The British Airways employee was investigated over her posts. Passengers on Air France offshoot Transavia might have thought they were going through a spot of turbulence back in when asked to put on their seatbelts. In fact, one of their female flight attendants was up in the cockpit getting intimate with the pilot.

The mum-of-four, then aged 46, was said to have recorded multiple aerial exploits in a video diary — and was exposed when her pilot husband found the tapes and passed them on to authorities in a jealous Airplane hookup stories. But while you might have thought it was the crew reaching new heights of debauchery, more often than not they are trying to rein in the passengers.

Former Virgin Atlantic flight attendant Natalie Smith. Natalie Smith, who worked as cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic, decided to spill the beans about her three-year stint flying the flag for Sir Richard Branson. She told Compare Travel Insurance she once had to help restrain two first-class flyers who were determined to get it on without even bothering to hide in the plane bathroom.

Celebrities are at it, too, it seems. The same article told how an air marshal was trying to pack more than his pistol on one flight. Hook-ups happen between members of the airline crew. These days, flight attendants often spend much of their time in the Airplane hookup stories delivering meals and dealing with drunk passengers, but there was a time when it was seen as one of the most glamorous professions for those who could physically match what airlines were looking for.

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In the early s, considered the golden era of air travel, now defunct US airline Pan Am had stringent criteria that today seem totally outdated — female crew had to be at least They also had to retire at 32 and have no children. These days the demands are different, with reports claiming American Airlines simply advises that cabin crew have no noticeable hair in their nostrils, ears and underarms, along with a full set of front teeth.

The airline she worked for let female crew shorten the Airplane hookup stories of their skirts once they had passed probation. It also allowed pilots and fellow crew to know which ones were newbies and potentially more open to amorous advances.

Indeed, if it seemed like cabin crew got all the attention from passengers, the attraction could definitely be mutual.

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One respondent to a survey by saucydates. I hit on her and she finally asked me if I wanted to go in the bathroom and have sex.

Of course, flight attendants also play important roles in maintaining safety and keeping people calm in emergencies. Indeed, crew have to deal with all manner of issues in the air — one of the most challenging being what to do when someone dies during a flight.

According to one British Airways trainer on the BBC TV series A Very British Airlinecrew will often try to leave the deceased passenger in their seat or move them to first class if there is more space — but it was not always that way. That opinion might not have changed too much, according to Facebook Flight Attendant Career Connection, which Airplane hookup stories the following as the main gripes of crew: Taking forever to decide what to drink, leaving rubbish in the seat pocket, keeping headphones on while ordering, walking barefoot around the plane, and hanging out in and around the galley.

One of the more disgusting tales comes from the Cosmopolitan story.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission. In the know quiz Premium membership Best of shopping Log in up. Log out. James Ellis, The Sun. Video Image When you see flight attendants, you may not think that their lives are that complex. But here are some secret facts you may not know about them Elon Musk cheeky swipe at Jeff Bezos. Outfits that got people thrown off flights.