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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. The aim of our study was to understand how male partners of women diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome perceive sexuality. Gadamerian hermeneutic phenomenology and the Roy Adaptation Model provided the overall framework for this research study. Eighteen participants were recruited through convenience and purposive sampling. Data collection was conducted between February and July of and included a focus group and twelve in-depth interviews. Enhancing intimacy, skin-to-skin contact during acute FMS outbreaksfinding new positions, non-coital sex and use of sex toys Adult wants sex Dolores increase female desire and help coping.

Fibromyalgia syndrome FMS is a non-t rheumatic syndrome that presents patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain and painful points sensitive to body pressure [ 12 ]. Fibromyalgia syndrome includes fatigue and muscle pain, difficulty sleeping and stiffness upon awakening [ 34 ].

Fibromyalgia syndrome is associated with psychiatric Adult wants sex Dolores such as depression, anxiety, emotional stress and coping problems [ 5 — 8 ]. Fibromyalgia syndrome is a chronic musculoskeletal disease which affects physical, mental and sexual health [ 9 ], FMS affects 2. The criteria to diagnose fibromyalgia is to have suffered generalised pain for at least 3 months as well as pain on digital palpation in 11 out of 18 tender point sites [ 1314 ].

Other symptoms such as diffuse muscle pain, sleep disorder, mood disorder, headaches, fatigue and rigidity can also inform the diagnosis [ 15 — 17 ].

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The approach to FMS is multifactorial [ 11 ]. Treatment combines analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids and psychotropic medication; however, the effect of most of them is moderate [ 1819 ]. Fibromyalgia syndrome is more prevalent in women and it affects their physical, psychological and sexual health [ 15 ]. Fibromyalgia syndrome is associated with dyspareunia, little vaginal lubrication, loss of desire and difficulty to reach orgasms [ 71220 ]. Along with bodily and genital pain, anguish, fear, loss of self-esteem and decrease of sexual relations lead to FSD [ 122122 ]. Fibromyalgia syndrome affects female sexual function [ 23 ]; desire, arousal, orgasm, lubrication and satisfaction are lacking in patients with this disorder as compared to healthy controls [ 24 ].

Fibromyalgia syndrome is associated with female sexual dysfunction FSD [ 9 Adult wants sex Dolores, 20 ] and sexual disorders in relationships [ 25 ].

Women with FMS are supported by their partners in trying to understand the symptoms, Adult wants sex Dolores information and dealing with the condition, taking responsibility for home duties and childcare [ 27 — 29 ]. According to the Sexual Adaptation Model, people and family are complex adaptive systems that are exposed to focal, contextual and residual stimuli [ 30 ].

Fibromyalgia syndrome operates as a focal stimulus that activates a "sexuality coping process", with adaptive responses on physiological, self-esteem, role function and interdependence levels. Partners of women with FMS operate as a contextual stimulus that can contribute to this coping process.

The aim of this study was to understand how male partners of women diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome perceive their sexuality.

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This is a qualitative and interpretative study based on Gadamerian hermeneutical phenomenology [ 32 ]. For Gadamer, understanding a phenomenon implies a process of interpretation that is mediated by our pre-understanding, culture, tradition and history. Through convenience and purposive sampling, male partners of women diagnosed with FMS were selected. The exclusion criteria were: to refuse to participate in the study and to have been diagnosed with FMS.

General practitioners and nurses who treat women diagnosed with FMS facilitated access to the participants. After obtaining permission from the ethics committee, the researchers contacted 34 women with FMS during consultations with doctors and nurses, where they Adult wants sex Dolores for their cooperation in contacting their partners. A total of 25 women and partners went in for a visit. The aim of the study was explained and their participation was requested.

Twenty male partners of women with FMS agreed to participate by ing an informed consent document. Subsequently, each partner was scheduled to participate in Adult wants sex Dolores focus group or an in-depth interview Fig 1. Eighteen participants comprised the final sample as two abandoned the data collection for professional and personal reasons Table 1. The study took place in a psychological care centre and a FMS patient association. Pre-understanding is central in Gadamerian hermeneutic phenomenology.

FGs and IDIs were conducted by a psychologist who is an expert in sexology with four years of experience in working with women with FMS. First, a FG was carried out in a psychological care centre. It lasted 45 minutes and began with the question: "Can you tell us what the words fibromyalgia and sexuality suggest? The IDIs addressed questions that had not been clarified or that FG participants did not want to answer in public. In the Adult wants sex Dolores step, the authors affirmatively answered the question "Can the perception of sexuality in male partners of women with FMS be studied from the hermeneutical phenomenology?

In the third step, the researchers sought to understand the phenomenon speaking to the participants. In the fourth step, the researchers sought to understand the phenomenon through a dialogue with the text. The transcripts were analysed line by line and quotes, codes, themes and sub-themes were extracted. Three members of the research team independently extracted codes, and any discrepancies found were resolved through consensus.

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If the researchers did not agree on a particular unit of meaning, theme or sub-theme, this was excluded from the analysis and a more appropriate solution was found. In the fifth stage, the reliability and rigour of the qualitative data were established.

Recordings, data analysis and interviews were saved to guarantee dependability. The participants were informed about the purpose of the study and their voluntary participation, and they ed informed consent documents.

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Permission was requested to record the conversations, guaranteeing access to the. Anonymity was preserved by coding the interviews. After analysing the data, two main themes were extracted and they may explain the perception of sexuality in male partners of women diagnosed with FMS Table 2. Fibromyalgia syndrome interferes in the development of satisfactory sexual activity in women. Constant pain, stiffness and fatigue Adult wants sex Dolores to diminished desire.

In addition, the side effects of the medication interfere and complicate sexual encounters. Women with FMS and their partners face changes that affect their sexuality. Our participants confirm that FMS brings multiple changes to their sex life. The frequency of sexual relations progressively decreases until it almost disappears. The way sexual relations take place also changes and they become restrained and predictable.

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The situation in a loss of spontaneity in male sexuality, which is inhibited by fear and caution in order not to harm the woman. These changes severely affect the relationship and requires awareness of both members in favour of readjustment.

Of course it interfereseverything changes.

Sexuality in male partners of women with fibromyalgia syndrome: a qualitative study

From being an active couple to … almost lacking a sex life. The participants report that their partners the women link the decline in sexual intercourse with a lack of lubrication. The lack of lubrication produces pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, which affects both women with FMS and their partners.

This is how one participant explains it:. She says that she is very dry insidethat she is afraid because it hurts a lot. And it's trueI notice it tooit's very annoying … DIM4.

Men become inhibited in their sexual encounters; they are fearful of trying new positions or movements that may cause pain or discomfort to women. Faced with this situation, the male partners of women with FMS gradually incorporate alternative practices such as massages, movies, erotic reading or the use of sex toys. The objective is to generate new scenarios where they can create pleasurable sexual experiences with the least negative impact on a physical level.

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In addition, men notice a lack of relaxation in women that affects both sexual intercourse and any other sexual practices. Our participants fear the impact of this situation on the romantic relationship. The comparison with their sex life becomes inevitable. Beforeit was not like this. Howevernowintercourse is not a priority. Sexuality can also be experienced as skin on skinsoul to soul.

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But for this you have to be relaxed and it is difficult with FMS… sometimes impossible. Sexual desire is severely diminished in women with FMS and their male partners understand this situation as an effect of the condition. It is hard for her to decide and I understand her because I have other pains and if you moveyour desire diminishes.