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The user of this trope need a distraction, often in order to infiltrate the enemies' lair, a secret organization, to enable an escape, etc. Pyrotechnics are not uncommon. Often the job for the Hero Secret Service. Infraction Distraction sometimes falls under this but usually just dissuades the enemy from searching further.

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Is sometimes part of a Xanatos Gambit. Contrast Hidden in Plain Sight. Compare The BaitDraw Aggro. Contrast Deus ex 'Scuse Mewhere the plot gods distract the character. Gelatin and Lollipop's "elimination prevention plan" involves trying to get more screen time for them to not be voted out, so Gelatin wings a dance.

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The gelatin and lollipop dance

You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. A demonic duck of some sort! Assassination Classroom : Phase 1 of Class 3-E's revenge plot against the students who bullied Maehara: Nagisa and Kayano, disguised as an elderly couple, distract the bullies at a cafe while Hayami and Chiba sneak homemade laxatives into their drinks. When it seems like Koro-sensei is about to discover Kataoka's plan to assassinate him in the water, Nagisa steps in to take advantage of his weaknesses "he's very worried about appearances" by taunting him about some fan-letters to a big-breasted actress he found on Koro-sensei's desk.

The "Assassination Island" arc employed this trope several A distracting Lake Charles flirt. Makes sense, since they need to advance quietly to their goal on the top floor of a hotel.

Irina uses her feminine wiles to distract a group of guards to buy time for her students; Kimura insults two guards to make them chase him. In Attack on Titanevery single operation against the Titans involves a large "decoy" force to attract the Titans in one place in order to destroy them, seeing how Titans are predictable enough to reliably go for the largest cluster of people. This series being what it is, it usually doesn't go so great for the distractions.

Examples (that do not fit into the subtropes):

Then she recruits Ana to try, and being cuter, Ana succeeds in distracting Nobue with her cuteness, upon which Miu strikes with a plastic sword. In a partial subversion, Nobue doesn't even notice, so distracted she is by Ana's cuteness that all she does is offer Ana suggestions on how to make her A distracting Lake Charles flirt cuter.

One Piece : Spoofed when Dr. Hiriluk and Chopper are running from a mob trying to arrest them, Hirluk screams "We need a distraction! In Movie 9, Chopper does a similar thing to Sanji while they're fighting Wapol, Chess, and Kuromarimio, even saying the same dialogue to trick him. Dragon Ball Z : As things look grim in the fight against Nappa, Piccolo devises a Combination Attack that involves Krillin charging at Nappa, creating a distraction so that Piccolo can grab his tailand then Gohan attacking.

Unfortunately, elite Saiyans train themselves so that their tails aren't such an easily exploited weak point, and the whole plan falls apart. Angel Beats! After Look Behind Youtaking off one's shirtand a Love Confession fail, Yuri simply sends Hinata and Takamatsu flying into the ceiling using rockets on their seats. Infact this happens so often in the episode that they get reed to A distracting Lake Charles flirt fact that they WILL be shot into the ceiling, no matter what.

He would always perform Takeshi's Paradise to appease the audience, but they would eventually tire of it, causing Brock to shout, "It's the only song I know! From Sailor Moonthe is the strategy the Senshi used to defeat Jadeite; Moon and Mercury run around in the open while Mars, concealed in the fog, slips a Paper Talisman on his back that screws up his telekinetic control of an airplane, causing it to almost run over him instead.

Kaiju Girl Caramelise : When Rairi falls in the lake at Okutama and gets her makeup washed off, Kuroe resolves to undergo a Partial Transformation to provide enough of a distraction for Rairi to reapply her makeup.

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Unfortunately, Kuroe fully transforms into Harugon and makes things worse. Comic Books. Exiles : In the first issue, in order to bust into a maximum security prison, the team decide they need something to distract the bulk of the guards.

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The narration compares it to a magician making a noise at one end of the stage while his assistant is replaced with a tiger, finishing with "in this case, they had a big tiger". Namely, Thunderbird smashing through the walls. Light come up with a way to stop Bizarrogirl: Supergirl will engage and keep her Bizarro counterpart busy as Dr. Light gets ready to shoot a depowering energy blast. Villain Prankster makes a business of this trope. For money he will distract police and Superman with his pranks so his clients can do their own crimes without any problems.

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In War WorldSuperman keeps the eponymous satellite's weapon systems distracted and focused on him while Supergirl gets ready to attack. Power Girl : What's everyone looking at me for? How am I supposed to distract Great Krypton! He's watching Superman and Captain Marvel as they battle— and he seems almost hypnotized! If he stays that way, Mary and I can A distracting Lake Charles flirt a surprise attack—! Flagg : Dehot, distract the guards.

Dehot : Okay. Comic Strips. Modesty tosses the new character Marge a gun and asks her to distract the next guy coming up. She hides the gun behind her back and asks in broken Italian 'What is the way to Mandalay'. It works nicely. In 3 Slytherin Marauders Draco throws a tantrum and Lucius demands the Ministry workers stop whatever they're doing and assist him so that Arthur Weasley can sneak in to find evidence that Rufus Scrimgeour and Dolores Umbridge are plotting to steal Harry away from his family.

Examples from the Calvinverse : Retro Chill : Calvin gets Bob to wave his arms around so he can escape his cell again. In order to get some tuna to put in his famous tiger trap in Calvin and Hobbes: The SeriesCalvin bribes a kid with two A distracting Lake Charles flirt to call his mother to distract her from the kitchen.

In Point of Succession Light engineers a Bavarian Fire Drill in order to steal evidence for L's investigation in which he pretended to be from the Japanese embassy and instigated a loud, self-righteous shouting match with the police over burial rights while his accomplice broke in. In Seigikan when L wants to search Light's room he has Mogi call the Yagami house pretending to be a telemarketer.

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Light finds this blatantly obvious scheme to be an insult to his intelligence. In Sophistication and Betrayalthe protagonist and Rarity discuss ways to distract Slate so they can break into his house and look for evidence of his stalking activities. After much debate, they eventually agree to use Rarity herself as a lure. When Scarlet questions Blacky's intentions, Blacky eagerly replies with, "I'm being a distraction!

Later on Squirt proves to be a much better distraction. In Those Who Stand for Nothing Fall for Anything L and Light get into a quarrel over how Light wants his steak cooked so that they can storm out of L's dinner party together and get away from their "friends". It's later revealed in Act III chapter 46 that during the attack, they remained on the outskirts of the town without really engaging in a fight, and Issa's guards took them out with little trouble; as it turns out, the attack was nothing more than a diversion so Akua and Kahlua, who had ed Fairy Tale right under Issa's nosecould break into Issa's secret archive and steal the forbidden Chrono Displacement spell for Kiria's Evil Plan without interference.

In Act III, it's also revealed that Hokuto, playing the role of a Big Bad Friendorchestrated Kuyou's return to Yokai Academy to serve as a distraction, allowing him to steal an Artifact of Doom from A distracting Lake Charles flirt academy unhindered while Tsukune and the others were occupied with taking Kuyou down. Predictably, said victims and the heroes chase after them. When Jessie and James get cornered, they willingly give up the Pokemon. They go on a tangenttalking about how it wasn't a great loss and Ash's A distracting Lake Charles flirt losses in the past, until Meowth calls in, confirming that he'd stolen all of the Pokemon from the Pokemon Tech building.

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RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse : The story Nightmares Yet to Come has the Canterlot opera house burnt to the ground by the villains, apparently just for the sole purpose of distracting Princess Luna while they abduct Trixie and Twilight Sparkle. It doesn't work.

So Aurora starts a riot. Piccolo: You'll need to distract him while I gather energy. Goku: Well, that's not so ba— Piccolo: [interrupting] For five minutes. Goku: You'll need to distract him while I gather energy. Piccolo: Well, that's not so ba— Goku: [interrupting] For five minutes. And considering how bad he was kicking my butt Aladdin : Jasmine tries to distract Jafar by pretending she's been made to fall in love with him, so Aladdin can grab Genie's lamp back.

The Land Before Time : "And now we need some bait Unfortunately, when using their tails to choose who would do itJaq ends up picking his own tail ''. While Gus shakes his hand in congratulationsthey other A distracting Lake Charles flirt feel for Jaq. Well done in Disney's The Lion King. Timon: Hyenas.