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995 ati stock, Ukrainian baby pick guy to 995 ati stock

You can also explore other items in the Weapon AccessoriesGun PartsRifle PartsRifle Stocks yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you! For more Weapon Accessories please visit our Weapon Accessories store section. The manufacturer states it does not fit the new Hi-Point TS due to manufacturer's new retaining clips and new receiver shroud.

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Fits: Most Hi-Point 9mm Carbine.

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Jump to Latest Follow. ed Jan 30, I was wondering why so Manny people dislike the factory stock on the ? Some people had this to day about it! I mean fugly ugly.

Like a deformed turd shaped into a rifle. The looks just fine to me. ed Apr 25, Honestly, I would think it was the aesthetics.

The new TS stocks are much improved from the classic so IMHO there is no reason to change it, although I can see the sense of urgency to change the classic. I purchased mine with the classic stock and thought long and hard about getting the ATI stock, but I read so much negative stuff regarding the fitment issues and long run damage due to the rigidness of the ATI stock.

Why do people like the ati stock?

I don't know how true any of that stuff is, but I chose to go with the TS stock. I like it and the fact that it was deed for the by the manufacturer. Plus the lifetime warranty covers it as well.

ed Apr 28, Me personally i don't like the way the ATI stock looks. ed Jan 7, It doesn't look good. It feels great. Gives the weapon a little bit of weight but really pulls through on how it feels. ed Jun 25, What Battousai said And the pull length feels better, the "pointability" is better as it is shorter, it was more solid than the classic stock, the fore end is easier on the hands, the Big Button for the mag release can be used, and there is a way to put the laser inside the stock, instead of hanging off the end.

But I still like them all ed Oct 18, Well, I am a big fan of the 995 ati stock stock.

Hi-point stock

I just like the way it handles. Plus it just keeps getting more beautiful with age.

I even think that it is more comfortable than the TS stock. Just my humble opinion. You mean Mr. ed May 3, I read that the ATI stock will only work as a replacement for the classic stock models.

ed May 16, When I was first thinking about buying a carbine, before the TS, I was going to get an ATI stock but 995 ati stock rumors started about a new stock Hi-Point was making and then a photos popped up so I waited until the carbines with the new stocks were being sold. ed Mar 18, I like the tactical look of the TS stock ATI reminds me to much of a common rifle or a storm knockoff.

Ati hi point stock 9mm carbine

ed Apr 8, ed Dec 29, When year did HP introduce the TS stock? ed Mar 9, Interesting that there's no love for the ATI stock.

I like them and have picked one up on sale 995 ati stock I've bought a I'm currently searching for a Classic to put the ATI stock on. ed Oct 16, ed Aug 6, Well I really liked the ATI stock. Had two of them the black and desert tan digital camo one. The in the tan stock had no problems. But the in 995 ati stock black one kept eating firing pins. Fortunity, the new TS stock had just become available. Put the in the TS stock and have had nothing but flawless operation for rounds so far.

Plus even on a with the old bolts instead of the clips. Plus the new side rails make it nice an wide for a better grip of the forend. ed Mar 1, I just wonder about the claims that the ati stock poorly supports the action, and thereby voids the warranty. After holding the old stock I can't believe it support the action at all.

ed Sep 28, I don't like the looks of the ATI stock either As for the 2 factory stocks, I'd take either one with no objections but given the choice, I think I'd like the TS stock a little better. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google.

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