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Five years of marriage is an incredible achievement, and one that's deserving of a meaningful five-year anniversary gift.

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Updated on June 24, by Chris Bajda. Choose to give him a gift made of wood.

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Here are some great ideas. Wooden Botanical Rings.

29 romantic gifts for your 5 year anniversary – personalized and thoughtful

A 5 year dating ring, on the other hand, is more than acceptable. Each one is painstakingly handcrafted, and as unique as your marriage. A true work of art, it looks just as good in a display case as it does on your hand. Jar of Love Notes. But as sweet as anniversaries are, they only take up one three-hundred-sixty-fifth of your time together.

Imagine if you could extend that for a whole month. Well, now you can. This romantic jar contains 31 love-soaked messages, so the good feelings just keep on coming. Choose from ready-made sets with messages already included, blank cards that you can fill in yourself, or Kindnotes will custom print your personalized set and jar.

Wooden Watch. Natural materials exude a timeless class that never goes out of style. These beautiful accessories go with just about every wardrobe style - all the way from yuppie to hippie, and everything in between. Even a clown suit. Three Nights Wine Box. Feeling extra festive after topping off bottle one?

What is so special about the five-year dating anniversary?

Replenish and repeat—this little chest of drawers will support the cause for years to come! Personalized Wood Block Print. True love 5 year dating baby! Personalized Whiskey Barrel. Your love is a cause for celebration and what better way to get into the celebratory party spirit than with their very own personalized whiskey barrel?

Some things really do get better with age and while relationships can sometimes be one of them, whiskey is always. Date Night Bucket List. The Love Game. If your mate is still by your side after five years, chances are, their heart is yours. What are you waiting for? Forget the mind games—challenge your partner to a deeply personal meeting of the minds and hearts and prepare to share some deeply guarded, yet wonderfully rewarding details. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger. In other words, the good old days.

5-year dating anniversary: traditions, gifts, ideas

Help someone let go of their text message addiction and add a little old fashioned romance back into their lives. Matching Underwear. There are plenty of ways that couples grow closer, become more alike, and eventually merge into a single organism.

Girding your loins with the same fabric is one of them. This is the normal progression of life, and this is the brand that would like to help you take the next step. Quit the juvenile bickering, love birds … you have the next thirty years to do plenty of that! Opt for a more meaningful way to 5 year dating this crucial five-year turning point.

Take a little field trip to the spot where your two souls first collided. You may not have known it back then, but this little slice of the universe gave birth to what the two of you share today. Go ahead, see if those butterflies start to flutter again….

Personalized Travel Map. Are you one of those lucky couples that spent the first few years of your wedded bliss exploring every corner of the globe? Whichever way your hearts blow, this map should accompany you as you navigate life together.

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Preserved Rose. These beautifully preserved roses will never wilt and require no care or water.

What better way to express your eternal adoration for the love of your life? 5 year dating Are The Best Gifts. Test the boundaries of the relationship with an impulsive, fearless outing that just might reveal some hidden sides of yourself and your mate and elevate the intimacy factor. Picnic Backpack With Cooler. A picnic basket is a promise. Sandwiches and soft drinks are fine, too.

Anniversary Photo Book. Not only will it breathe new life into treasured snippets of time long past, but it will become a priceless memento decades from now, when you may have trouble remembering who the heck this grumpy companion lying next to you is.

Wooden Wine 5 year dating. Celebrate the five-year mark with rustic class and earthy elegance. Trace the delicate veins in these handcrafted goblets while you sip a cherished cabernet with your beloved seated by your side. Salute the staying power of your young relationship with a much less breakable alternative to traditional glassware. Wood Anniversary Sculpture. A fitting portrayal of the passion that once burned between you and your beloved, this exquisite piece is guaranteed to stimulate that deep connection once again.

Silverware anniversary gift ideas

Send an indisputable message of heart-melting love to the object of your desire and consummate your five-year-old union tonight! Custom Hand Painted 5 year dating Portrait. There is something undeniably touching about having an artist recreate your image by hand using the old-time tools of long-gone artistic masters.

After all, any old fool can press a shutter button and spit out a photo of your homely mug. It really means something that another person was willing to stare at that photo for hours while they painstakingly recreated your form by hand, imbuing it with all the personality and living charisma of your aura.

Celebrate this anniversary the old fashioned way with this thoughtful gift. Just gather up all your extra gold, melt it in your crucible, and toss in your plants. Or just buy this Eternity Rose instead. Custom Anniversary Fortune Cookies.

Deliciously convincing, these classic fortune tellers will add a crunchy sprinkle of fun and uncertainty to this momentous occasion! Where We Met Puzzle. Has the five-year monotony bug hit? Pay tribute to the origins of love and partnership with this inspiring, mind-bending game piece that can serve as a daily reminder of your devotion.

Wedding Anniversary Flip Flops.

What better place to broadcast your exceptional partnership than the sole of a shoe? Less permanent than matching tattoos, these sentimental sandals are cute on any enamored feet. Rubberstamp your bond today! Anniversary Bobblehe. Life is too short for lifeless trinkets that end up collecting years of household dust. Rock on, bobblehe, rock on!! Straightforward and irrefutable, this loving gesture will serve as a daily wake-up call as your partner in crime contemplates the meaning of life and drafts mental to-do lists while scarfing down breakfast.

Ambiguity gets in the way of honest communication. Tally up some truth for a change and see if you can make it to ten! 5 year dating To Amusement Park. Go ahead and raise the thrill factor in your 5 year dating a few notches. A lightning round of skee ball, a neck-snapping spin on the bumper cars, and a hell-raising run on a roller coaster should do the trick!

Build Your Own Custom Ring. Life is becoming almost infinitely customizable, so why should jewelry be any different?