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Your parents or carers are responsible for making sure you are safe and well usually until you reach the age of This is because the law states that until you reach this age, you are still regarded as a minor and therefore your parents are still legally responsible for your welfare. This does not mean however that you have no say in decisions that directly affect you. In fact, reaching 16 means you obtain specific new rights against your parents. The law will also typically take into your wishes and feelings when it comes to certain decisions your parents make that affect you.

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The UK's consent laws are confusing and in some cases the penalties for under-age sex can be high.

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Read on. In the UK, th e age of consent is The law is geared towards intimate acts like touching, oral sex and penetrative sex. Lots of relationships start with sexting a nd sending sexy photosbut this is where the law gets REALLY confusing :. I f your partner is a few years older, you may find our age gaps article insightful. Not necessarily — it depends again in the difference between your ages. The size of the age gap between you here could influence this — the bigger a difference in age you have, the more likely the older person will get into trouble. However old you are, sex should always be consensual.

Make sure that both of you are up for it first. If you want to talk this through with someone, speak to our team — all our services our freetotally confidential and no topic is too embarrassing to bring up.

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Photo of couple by Shutterstock. Drunk sex can be messy, both emotionally and legally Sexual consent and the law Confused about consent and the law? We ask a top Sexual consent Confused about sexual consent? Help is at hand.

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The Mix is a partner in the Your Best Friend project, helping to develop information and support on how to avoid "toxic relationships", to keep young women, girls and non-binary people safe. Please take this short survey to help inform our work. Essential support for under 25s. Crisis Messenger. Age of consent The UK's consent laws are confusing and in some cases the penalties for under-age sex can be high.

Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on. Send via Whatsapp. Send via SMS. ViewsNext Steps Brook provides free sexual health and wellbeing services for young people in the UK. Brook's services include local clinics and online digital sex and relationships tool.

Chat about this subject on our Discussion Boards. Need help but confused where to go locally? Download our StepFinder iPhone app to find local support services quickly. Tags: consent law. By Holly Turner Updated on Nov Comments by Vanilla.

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