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Today’s keyword: PAIN

Pain is the most common feeling ever existed. Pain can be absorbing or immaterial. Pain makes man think. It makes him think about things he didn’t accept before. It makes him think about things he always wanted to do. It makes him think about persons he cares. It makes him think about all those things he wanted to say but remained unsaid…

It’s funny how people react when they’re suffering. They seem to be careful with all the other things they usually tend to avoid.They seem to talk more about things that don’t matter at all. They seem to drive away from the ones who could truely help them.They tend to do things they don’t usually like whether it’s cleaning the house, walking  the dog, doing extra tasks at work or cooking. Because doing so is far better than thinking about the one that makes them suffer. It’s their most common way of postponing difficult situations. It’s their breathing time before actually facing the real thing.

But you know what? Pain is good sometimes. We need pain to see the beautiful things in our life we’re usually far too busy to notice. We need pain see the joy all around us. We need pain to realize the ones we really care of. We need pain to say the thing we really think. We need pain to reveal our true feelings. We need pain to teach us some precious lessons. And finally, we need pain to improve our lives. And the best thing about pain is that it feels so damn good once it’s gone.

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  • let me have the honor to post the first comment for the first english post in here 😀 good job!

    also, good subject … without pain, pleasure would be worthless.

  • Thank you.Thank you very much 😀

    • Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or inhenorect. Not this!

    • his west Admiral neighborhood. (Helping save it is what got him into politics in the first place, the story goes.) Above, the birthday guy with the NC’s restoration director, who was also celebrating a

    • Any substitution ideas for the heavy cream? I’m not thinking in terms of calories, but just that I don’t often have it in the fridge. PS: I recently bought a tart pan that I saw in Sur la table, after remembering your posts on savory tarts! Excited to try it out this weekend.

    • Olá Carina, muitas vezes a comida preferida é uma simples mas feita em casa, claro! muito bom dar presente pra gente né? eu adoro! bjos, Nane http://www.vovoqueensinou.blogspot.com

    • 1. I like the website look the way it is. Clean, simple, straightforward — it reflects well the tone of Steve's writing.2. The comments are easily the best I've ever seen. Lots of good information tossed in. High ratio of interesting comments to stupid ones. Surprisingly literate on average. These past few threads about the hippies have been surprisingly interesting. I always enjoy the personal stories because you learn things you never see in the MSM from people who have actually been there and actually know.

    • This site is like a classroom, except I don’t hate it. lol

  • […] foc şi sala în care ne aflam putea fi considerată “locuri în primul rând.” Dacă durerea e bună din diverse motive, cred că tragediile sunt excelente pentru că aduc oamenii […]

    • I’ll try to put this to good use imdleiatemy.

    • Bel post Andrea, pieno di umanità e affetto. La figura di Giulio Gambelli è tanto più grande se consideriamo il rapporto fra la sua grandezza assoluta come vinificatore-assaggiatore e l’umiltà e la sobrietà meravigliosamente antiche che sprigiona la sua persona. La capacità di puntare all’essenziale per ottenere il massimo da quel luogo e da quelle uve, i vini di un livello medio molto buono ( spesso grandi e a volte immensi ed irripetibili) e sempre piacevolmente diversi anche per aziende poste a poche centinaia di mentri.Spero che ci siano discepoli … secondo te Andrea ?

    • That’s an intelligent answer to a difficult question xxx

    • Hi, Thank you for your informative information, I have put some of your suggestions to practice and have found the results very rewarding. I would like to add that when your boss is having a stressful day and they all do, Just stop and take a quick break to breath in some fresh air, this can be done by a simple walk to the bathroom or the coffee pot. The point is take a brain break to gather your thoughts and refocus. Remember your boss is human after all. I say something supportive on the way out of my bosses office.

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