3ditorialdin BĂICOI – gândesc dublu, postez simplu


  • Imi vreau primavara inapoi, cu tot cu zilele ei racoroase. Nu mai pot face fata acestor zile caniculare!

  • Cel mai frumos anotimp!

  • Cel mai perfect anotimp. Nici prea cald nici prea frig. O astept cu nerabdare.

  • Heck of a job there, it abullsteoy helps me out.

  • This encouraged me to think about how teachers and coaches guide students and athletes in their behavioural change and how much time needs to be spent in envisioning and establishing the conditions for a future set of behaviours and dispositions.

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  • That’s the thinking of a creative mind

  • Ha ! so … “the majority of Spaniards disagree with that project (ie Catalonia’s independence)”, well that’s a good one ! The majority of Spaniards disagreed with Cuba’s and The Philippines’ independence too, so what’s new ? The majority of Spaniards also disagree with Gibraltar remaining British as they want it to be a part of Spain, but guess what … it’s not what “the majority of Spaniards want” that counts, it’s what the people of Gibraltar democratically choose to be, that counts. If it were up to the colonising powers to decide, none of their colonies would have gained independence. That’s a no-brainer.

  • 92 3-6-12 spune: cel mai probabil e de la driver-ul placii video. instaleaza din nou si daca face la fel, instaleaza alta versiune a driver-ului +53V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

  • Un mese fa anch'io ho ricevuto dei porcini appena raccolti e dopo averci pensato un po', sono finiti in un classico risotto: non me la sono sentita di rischiare …Il tuo abbinamento mi piace molto: peccato che io abbia difficoltà a trovare i mirtilli …

  • Olá Iara, este seria o último exemplo que citamos, a obrigatoriedade em constar a ordem genealógica na passagem.Sugerimos que contate nossa Central de Reservas e Fidelidade, ou que envie uma mensagem ao nosso perfil no Twitter, para podermos analisar sua solicitação. Obrigado

  • Les vraies incitations à lire arrivent rarement quand on les attend…cher Pitou. Sortes de carton d’invitation auxquels on repense plusieurs fois avant d’y répondre.En un mot, on ne vous lit pas pour du beurre, comme on disait à l’époque des billes.

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