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Is it good luck ? Is it bad luck ? by Confucius

One day, a young Chinese monk came to Confucius and asked him why people had so many problems keeping calm especially in time of change.

“Because people believe in the moment and not in time” replied the wise man and told the following story to the young monk:

“In a Chinese village far away from any big town, normal life took its daily course. Each villager had a field of equal size and a horse to work the field.

The one-day, the horse of one of the farmers disappeared. The people of the village came together and coursed the fate that had hit their neighbor:

“What bad luck” they exclaimed, “What bad luck  you have”.

For from now one, the farmer could not longer his field properly. The villager, a wise man, balanced his head from one side to the other and answered: ”Is it bad luck? Is it good luck? I cannot tell”

Several days passed. Then suddenly, the horse reappeared in the village accompanied by a mustang, a horse living in the wild. The village was exuberated: ”What good luck! What good luck you have” For now the farmer ha two horses to work his filed. Again he balanced his head and murmured: “Is it bad luck? Is it good luck? I do not know”.

The son of the villager immediately started riding the wild horse in order to tame it, but unfortunately fell from the horse and broke both, an arm and a leg.

He would no longer be able to work in the field for quite some time. “What bad luck” the village mourned, “what bad luck you have”. The farmer did not change his options: “Is it bad luck? Is it good luck? I do no know”.

A short while later, soldiers of the Emperor appeared in the village and drafted all young men for war duty. Only the son of the farmer was allowd to stay in the village, because of his injury.

“What good luck!” screamed the women of the village, “What good luck you have!”

The young monk bowed to Confucius and thanked him. He knew the answer to his question.

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